When You Go After Honey With A Balloon, Don’t Let The Bees Know You’re Coming

There has definitely been a general funk surrounding us all lately. Depression, crankiness, corporate intrigue…even The Bloggess noted we may all be on a similar cycle.

For me personally, part of my present struggle has to do with the rabbit hole of this time period – the blur that leads up to my inauguration as a preemie parent some two years ago.

It’s certainly been an adventure.

Today Fight for Preemies had a balloon release, in honor of all those who were born too soon, who fought or continue to fight the battle of prematurity. The fundraiser offered a chance to personalize your balloon – available in preemie power orange, prematurity awareness purple, or angel white.

We sent up three balloons.

Each of our balloons had a message.

  • Orange: 27 weeks. 2 pounds. 76 days. Never let yourself be constrained by normal.
  • Purple: Million dollar miracle muppets.
  • White: Thank you for watching over us.

In those three balloons, our adventure of a lifetime – in support of the fight against prematurity – became the bundle of balloons that lifted the house in Up off into the high-flying experience of childhood dreams.

How appropriate.

Disney has captured the tagline of where my life has gone: Sometimes life’s biggest adventures aren’t the ones you set out for.

I never was any good at directions…

Tomorrow “Born Too Soon: The Global Action Report on Preterm Birth” is due to be published. This report is slated to chronicle preterm birth rates by country. I’ll keep you posted.

And the fight continues.

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