Winecone Wednesday – MAYDAY! Edition

Mayday! Mayday! Time is passing us by at a pace I prefer not to admit. We get our routines down and day in day out we try to learn to look back while moving forward.

So, in order to spice things up – I’m throwing out a game. One of my colleagues shared this with me. I was horrified to realize this genius is something I have never before partaken in. What you need is a core group who’s “in the know.” (That’s you.) We have a key word/phrase that needs to be somehow incorporated into a meeting or presentation.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the phrase SadBanana this week.

Let us know next week what hilarity ensued when you used it with a straight face. (It’s the little things people. As long as we amuse ourselves…) Given the general malaise that seems to be surrounding us, there is a very good chance this message will self-destruct.

There has definitely been a general funk surrounding us all lately. Depression, crankiness, corporate intrigue…even The Bloggess noted we may all be on a similar cycle. I’ve even had trouble writing (the horror)! But it was suggested that wine doubles as blog lube. (I am not making this up.) So…let’s go with that. We’ll have some wine and a thousand Zoloft and Xanax infused winecones at this funk!


If you make a plan, effin’ stick to it. Quit jumping on and off of it. Grow a pair when you run into resistance and take it for all its worth when it’s going smoothly.

Editor’s note: Tomorrow we ride with winecones! Or persistently pester the offender with winecones and repeat, “This is not the plan. This is not the plan.” Let the winecones take the place of the errant pair.


Don’t tilt-shift mountains. There are times when we have mountains to climb and we try to make them smaller than they really are. Don’t get halfway up the mountain and bitch because it’s hard. Anything worthwhile is hard. Just because it is hard doesn’t give you permission to quit halfway through. Man up bitches.

Editor’s note: Can you imagine this? With wine? This shit is hard; you really think yours is harder? Winecone up bitches!

Today the World Heath Organization issued, “Born Too Soon: The Global Action Report On Preterm Birth.” It’s not great, but I’m going to take this opportunity to give ginormous smackaroos to the March of Dimes for the work they’ve done and continue to do on helping frazzled parents bring home healthy babies.

‘Till next week, winecones and kisses!

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