Yahoo! Fundraiser Freedom

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Bake sales, magazine subscriptions, cookie dough, gift-wrap, coupon books, auctions, scrip, collecting empty cans…kids pitching their school’s fundraising requests seem to come in every shape and size. (Remember the different size and style Weeples – those fluffy things with googly eyes glued to plastic feet – that were offered as prizes based on the amount of money brought in?)

So this holiday season, Yahoo! Homepages for Homerooms is taking the sales pitch out of the fundraiser and making it easy to earn money for the teachers and projects that matter to you most. Just make Yahoo! your homepage in support of a teacher’s project on, and you’ll help give that teacher a chance at getting project funding – and you won’t feel obligated to add to your holiday caloric intake by baking flavorless frozen cookie dough.

Yahoo! enables good deeds to grow exponentially by giving its millions of users a broad platform to rally around causes. Through the Homepage for Homerooms program, Yahoo! is helping good deeds grow among communities supporting their local teachers and schools. Yahoo! will donate a minimum of $125,000 to teacher projects (up to $600 per project) and up to $350,000 over a 5-week period (Nov 19 – Dec 23), for every homepage set to Yahoo!.

Yahoo! is a trusted brand on the Web, providing families with resources for parents and educators on, (partnering with internationally known safety experts like iKeepSafe and CommonSense Media), and is committed to fostering safer online experiences for children. is a reputable education non-profit that has made significant impact on schools, having helped raise over $68M in funding for U.S. public schools.

By participating, teachers can receive supplies like classroom cameras, computers, new books and basketballs for their students – just in time for the new calendar year. In turn, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best places to stay up-to-date on world, national, local, sports, and popular culture news – like what the latest fundraising trend is – with no subscription necessary.

Talk to your teacher about it today. And for nostalgia’s sake, perhaps someone will get you a Weeple stocking stuffer.


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2 Responses to Yahoo! Fundraiser Freedom

  1. Winifred Ahern

    Your usual excellent commentary — quite the journalist! G.G.

  2. Gramma Janet

    I think I still have some weeples.

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