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Pre-K Fashion Show

Pre-K Fashion Day has arrived, and to break down the best of the best, Stream of the Conscious is selecting the top 2 looks from the best Spring 2015 men’s collection. Consider it your definitive guide to the runway.

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Valentine’s Day: Not Even Pinterest Enough to Fail

Heart Minnie

I won’t sugarcoat it. Valentine’s Day is not my thing.

It is a shmoopy memorial brought into being by the greeting card industry. A Hallmark holiday celebrated via a weaponized fat toddler (who would realistically kill the romance in any relationship with the pungent aroma of a full diaper if you weren’t first snipered by fallen pieces from a shattered Lego arrow). All while honoring a saint who was ultimately beheaded, via the grand gesture of murdered foliage most symbolized for its thorny exterior – evolved by nature to stab you should you look at it wrong. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: The Summer Bucket List

Summer vacation is upon us.

I think Search wants to go on a boat…

Caden's Bucket

Search’s Summer Bucket List:

  • Paint an easter basket
  • Drive the boat
  • Swim in Grand Papa’s pool
  • Go on a boat

Logan's Bucket

Destroy’s Summer Bucket List:

  • Play airplanes
  • Bake cake
  • Play trucks
  • Go to school
  • Play with the train table


Parents You See at the Preschool Parade Pickup A-Z

We’re working on the ABCs with the muppets. As you can see, we’re missing some. But we’re moving forward – and it’s part of the ongoing curriculum at school.

Hey! There’s a teaching moment right there is for all the types of parents one may encounter at drop-off. Continue reading


Flights of Fancy (and a desperate desire for shoes)

Much like Scout the big black dog, Destroy collected all the shoes this morning.When his little arms were full, he toddled toward me chanting, “Shoe! Shoe! Shoe!”

In what I thought was a standard assumption, I took the shoes he offered out of his hands – promising we’d put them on just as soon as he put his pants on. This was not a popular decision with a certain toddler prone to tantrums thrown with dramatic flare.

He flung himself to the floor, flopping around like a floundering fish, moaning and wailing in a terrifically awesome muppet meltdown. “SHOOOOOEESSS,” he screamed amid his sobs and distinctly unhappy wiggles. Continue reading

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Report Cards are In

Good news. My state is slightly less stupid. I read the report.

The nation’s educational assessment report card came out today. Once again California received an Unacceptable. Overall, the Golden State held up the rear – our future’s reading scores coming in above the intelligence found in our capital, Washington, D.C., and NO ONE ELSE. Mathematically, we beat out Mississippi and Alabama too. (Given our state’s current fiscal status, this does not surprise me.) Continue reading


The Bernoulli Effect

Alex Trebek read from the blue-screened square, “An airplane rises due to this Swiss man’s ‘effect,’ as a fluid’s pressure lessens when its speed increases.” I looked up at the TV.


“Who is Daniel Bernoulli?” replied the Jeopardy contestant.

“The ONE piece of physics you remember…” Jon laughed. Continue reading


Back to School

Well, we’ve made the grade. It may be hard to believe, but the muppets started school today. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “School? Already? Are they even a year old?” Continue reading


Yahoo! Fundraiser Freedom

Note: This blog originally appeared on Yahoo! Shine.

Bake sales, magazine subscriptions, cookie dough, gift-wrap, coupon books, auctions, scrip, collecting empty cans…kids pitching their school’s fundraising requests seem to come in every shape and size. (Remember the different size and style Weeples – those fluffy things with googly eyes glued to plastic feet – that were offered as prizes based on the amount of money brought in?)

So this holiday season, Yahoo! Homepages for Homerooms is taking the sales pitch out of the fundraiser and making it easy to earn money for the teachers and projects that matter to you most. Just make Yahoo! your homepage in support of a teacher’s project on DonorsChoose.org, and you’ll help give that teacher a chance at getting project funding – and you won’t feel obligated to add to your holiday caloric intake by baking flavorless frozen cookie dough.

Yahoo! enables good deeds to grow exponentially by giving its millions of users a broad platform to rally around causes. Through the Homepage for Homerooms program, Yahoo! is helping good deeds grow among communities supporting their local teachers and schools. Yahoo! will donate a minimum of $125,000 to teacher projects (up to $600 per project) and up to $350,000 over a 5-week period (Nov 19 – Dec 23), for every homepage set to Yahoo!.

Yahoo! is a trusted brand on the Web, providing families with resources for parents and educators on safely.yahoo.com, (partnering with internationally known safety experts like iKeepSafe and CommonSense Media), and is committed to fostering safer online experiences for children. DonorsChoose.org is a reputable education non-profit that has made significant impact on schools, having helped raise over $68M in funding for U.S. public schools.

By participating, teachers can receive supplies like classroom cameras, computers, new books and basketballs for their students – just in time for the new calendar year. In turn, you’ll be rewarded with one of the best places to stay up-to-date on world, national, local, sports, and popular culture news – like what the latest fundraising trend is – with no subscription necessary.

Talk to your teacher about it today. And for nostalgia’s sake, perhaps someone will get you a Weeple stocking stuffer.