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A Short Story – The California Drought, Day 1,643


Once lush green stalks of tall grass glowed an angry red, as though they had been sunburned instead of merely water deprived.

I always presumed I would see plumes of yellow during the deep dog-days of summer, as the plants prepared for winter and reminded me to take hay fever medication. It was, after all, almost August. Instead the bleached tips of overgrown weeds in the expansive field waved a white flag of surrender as though mocking America the Beautiful’s sweet-smelling waving wheat. Continue reading

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Why It’s Totally Not More Caffeine Than I Need


After a very rare rainstorm in the Bay Area, all of my fellow commuters were thoroughly frightened away from the freeways. This made for a fantastic drive in to work. I got to drive. Forward. At a steady speed. Wheeee!

Due to the lack of traffic I reached the office in record time. I was the first one there. It was a Friday. Before a holiday week. I thought I was quite literally the first person there. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: From Convention Center to Freeway

A contrast of two cities in the time it takes to navigate from the convention center to the freeway.

San Jose, California

San Jose, California

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California

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Life Lessons From the Center Seat


I recently had to travel for work. There was a trade show in Orlando.

(No, I did not get to experience Harry Potter World or the Magic Kingdom. I spent the week encapsulated in a giant bio-dome where I was a panelist on the riveting topic of telephones. Hmm, that sounds bad – let’s go with a conversation on how people communicate. Yes, I like that; given I have a master’s in communication studies it makes me sound like an expert.)

In any case, the opportunity to espouse my career knowledge required penance in the form of cross-country travel. Continue reading


Discussing the Future of Public Safety on a Saturday Morning

dispatch logo-s

This sunny Saturday morning saw the following discussion in the roles public safety professionals play in our lives.

Also, Jon will be teaching Destroy how to drive.

Continue reading

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Club 33

The proper way to spend a mid-November birthday evening.

The proper way to spend a mid-November birthday evening.

Today I am 33. (It’s still early-30s, so we’re keeping it real with the years.)

Jon’s been there almost a year already. Search and Destroy are both 3.

Continue reading

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TechMom Tuesday: Sounds Like a Mac Issue


I write a monthly column over at AlliOSNews. It’s a techie site – extolling all the goodies and gunpowder on the Apple OS. (SHINY TOY!) I’m TechMom. And these are my stories on how technology is really used. This is what you must deal with, as I am a Silicon Valley nerd by day.

I’m well aware it’s Thursday. TechMom Tuesday is typically published the first Tuesday of every month, except for this month when it was posted on the second Thursday (still under the Tuesday title). I reserve the right to rant more or less as the technical goings-on, well…go on.) Continue reading

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AlliOSNews Does Not Live in a Pineapple Under the Sea


Did you know I actually work with Clinton from AlliOSNews in my real life? Yup. But he lives in the U.K. I live in Silicon Valley (the motherland (Steveland?) of the Infinite Apple Loop cult). And a couple weeks ago, Clinton visited us yankees during a business trip to our company’s corporate headquarters.

To properly integrate him back into stateside culture, we took Clinton to a baseball game, and later in the week – we dined at the hotspot of overindulgence largesse, The Cheesecake Factory. (Bazinga!) Continue reading

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Office Space: The Devilish Details of My Job


I don’t talk about work here often. Mostly because some of my work peeps occasionally read my blog. (<waves> Hi work people.) And also because that could be considered poor form.

But sometimes events occur so egregious that they must be documented. Continue reading


Baseball Heroes (kind of)

Vegas Baseball

I like baseball. This may be genetic.

The day the muppets were born, my mom sent me a note that she knew the boys would okay. Because they were born on the 28 – the number of former Dodger Wes Parker. Continue reading

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