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I write a monthly column over at AlliOSNews. It’s a techie site – extolling all the goodies and gunpowder on the Apple OS. (SHINY TOY!) I’m TechMom. And these are my stories on how technology is really used. This is what you must deal with, as I am a Silicon Valley nerd by day.

I’m well aware it’s Thursday. TechMom Tuesday is typically published the first Tuesday of every month, except for this month when it was posted on the second Thursday (still under the Tuesday title). I reserve the right to rant more or less as the technical goings-on, well…go on.)

I was recently involved in the following conversation.

Other: So before we continue, I wanted to ask, “Do we all like the new software? We’d like to make it the standard. It’s very efficient.”

Me: It sounds great; but it doesn’t work on Macs.

Other: Can you work with IT to figure out a workaround? It’s a very efficient program.

Me: Well, it’s not really all that efficient if half the company can’t access it…

Other: Sounds like it’s a Mac issue then.

Here is the point where I wholeheartedly agreed. It was a Mac issue. However, I have a strong feeling we were still at odds over what that issue was.

You may have noticed that today is Thursday – not Tuesday. And no, it’s not that my frazzled mom brain forgot when TechMom Tuesday typically goes to print (ha ha old school media humor).

Apple hosted a small gathering on Tuesday. Millions around the globe glued themselves to watch the live feed from one of the elite media orgs invited in person. Millions more played the keynote back several hours later.

IT decision makers, investors, tech journalists, consumers – all put the world on hold for a moment so they could hear what the cult of Silicon Valley was going to announce next. See, they’re kind of a big deal now.

As of this month, Apple holds over 7 percent of the total desktop market share. This still leaves the lion’s share to Windows. But the world of technology is changing. Take into consideration the worldwide insertion of mobile and tablet systems – Apple has lapped the competition, holding 58 percent of the device installs.

With the influx of BYOD (bring your own device) in the workplace, and popularity of simplistic sophistication out of One Infinite Loop, Macs have come a long way since I booted up my first Apple IIgs in 1987.

As Apple’s Craig Federighi took the stage during the keynote to talk about the new iOS 7 (that will be available next Wednesday, he noted, “Virtually overnight, hundreds of millions of people [will] download iOS 7.” And over 700 million iOS devices are expected to be sold by the end of next month.

Are you planning to rush out and buy the new iPhone 5S? Perhaps start a new contract for your kid with the introed 5C. Are you considering writing some family stories with iWork? I’m interested in seeing how well Barenaked Ladies streams across iTunes radio. Were you just totally underwhelmed by the BIG NEWS?

Regardless, Mac products are clearly no longer the fringe shiny toy.

Saying, “It’s a Mac issue,” is akin to hearing the neonatologist inform you, “He’s tiny. It’s a breathing problem.”

Yes! Yes it is a problem that it’s not working. Go. Fix. It.

We, as Mac users, are no longer a contingent of the population that can be ignored or laughed off as cultish fanboys. “Sounds like a Mac issue,” sounds a lot like a problem for all of us these days.

Or, as the TechTots (age 3) would say, “Maybe… I don’t think that’s right. You go fix. I need my iPad.”

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