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Morning Routines

Caterpillar found coffee.

Caterpillar found coffee.

Weekday in. Weekday out. They all seem to start the same. In search of coffee and food.



5 a.m. alarm. Nope, I’m hitting snooze; that 9 minutes will clearly make all the difference in the world.

Work out? Why am I doing this? Get it over with before body knows what you’re doing. Fantasize about still being in bed throughout entire routine. Haha. Just kidding. I went back to bed. I love sleep. There is never enough…

Shower, stare at closet for a while to pick out clothes. Wonder why no magical woodland creatures suddenly appear to dress me.

Turn on morning news. Check email. Respond to email. Grumble about adulthood.

Get dressed.

Wake up boys. Remind boys to wake up. Beg boys to wake up. Threaten to take boys to school in their pajamas.

Coffee. Lots of coffee.

Shoe children. Coerce them into the car. Open garage before backing out. Back out of driveway without driving over anything.

We are ready for the day to begin. Or at least awake enough to find more coffee.




Sound asleep. Snoring, arm hanging out of bed, stuffed elephant lovie flung over his face to block out the light.

“But I’m still tired…” Rolls over. Hides under covers.


Melts out of bed toward bunk ladder. Stand up on top rung and hurls self off bunk bed onto beanbag chair below.

Screams, “Mommy! I can’t find any yellow fours!” (Referring to khaki pants that have mostly survived daily wear and tear.)


Sitting naked on the floor of his room. Looks confused.


Risky Business slides into the master bedroom, ready to watch morning cartoons.


Appears in room wearing outfit that can only be described as an “artistic creation.” Apparently encouraging Mom to make a reminder to ask the pediatrician about color blindness. Fully aware parents will pick their battles – and stylistic design before morning coffee isn’t going to be mom’s Alamo stand.

Search and Destroy

Get herded out the door. Open garage. Get strapped into car seats. Wait for mom to buckle herself in. Announce you’re hungry and need a snack RIGHT NOW.



Oh my god. I’m hungry. They’re never going to feed me. I’M GOING TO DIE OF STARVATION. Charge them all. Run into walls. Spin in circles. Chase my tail. FEED ME!

We are ready to begin countdown to freaking out about when dinner will be served.

I think I’ll go back to bed now. It really is a dog’s life. And I’ll just find human food to eat after they all scurry off. Or really, anything I can reach on the counter.

Oooh, bubbles. Paper towels. Yum! Just need a good spatula to finish such a gourmet meal.

Feed me.

Feed me.



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Why It’s Totally Not More Caffeine Than I Need


After a very rare rainstorm in the Bay Area, all of my fellow commuters were thoroughly frightened away from the freeways. This made for a fantastic drive in to work. I got to drive. Forward. At a steady speed. Wheeee!

Due to the lack of traffic I reached the office in record time. I was the first one there. It was a Friday. Before a holiday week. I thought I was quite literally the first person there. Continue reading

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If You Give Silicon Valley a Starbucks

Silicon Valley Starbucks

We’ve been reading a lot of the “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” series. A lot. Enough to make me realize that real life is just as circular. Continue reading

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Colors on the Walls


Do you know what the color blue tastes like? I do.

Each morning at preschool drop-off, the boys take their seat at the classroom table and get their breakfasts out. One banana, one bag of Kix/Cheerios, and one yogurt. The yogurt is served in tube form under the on-the-go marketing campaign of Gogurt. I help open each item, kiss the kids, wave goodbye at the window and make my way over to my office. Continue reading

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The Psycho Quiz

Last week I had to make a return trip to the psychiatrist. Every now and then the docs like to re-evaluate my medication to keep me from going completely crazy. Since it was my first visit with this particular MD, I had to fill out the anxiety/depression questionnaire. Continue reading


How Do You Do It?


I get this question a lot. The truth is I have no idea. We don’t know anything other than energy-intensive twin boys. JUST DO IT! <Nike swoosh. ©>

However, this response typically elicits a sympathetic pity smile.

So. The reality: Continue reading


Swimmin’ With the Fishies


The first full weekend after the holiday break was upon us. After an interminable Saturday morning spent entirely indoors, I looked over at Jon and inquired, “What are we doing tomorrow? Because we’re not staying here.”

This morning we awoke to the dreary drizzly gloom of a winter rain. So our natural inclination was to pack up the boys and head south to (not-even-a-little) sunny Monterey for an excursion to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Continue reading


Bad Mother (or How to Harness the Power of a Toddler)

My house is baby-proofed. It is not toddler proofed.

But the good news is there doesn’t seem to be any lasting harmful effects from Monday’s baby breaking incident. (Seriously folks, thank you so much to all of you who shared your own baby dropping stories. It truly made me feel less inept.)

Both boys are back to warp speed in a determination to live up to their names – Search and Destroy. Continue reading


Coffee Break!

The children arose before the automatic coffee timer this morning. That was rough.

If I can’t take my coffee break,
Something within me dies.

I don’t didn’t drink coffee. I didn’t – past tense. Now I do. Now I drink a lot of it. It’s medically necessary.

“Women who drink four cups of coffee a day are 20 percent less likely to become depressed than women who rarely drink coffee.” This may be my favorite study. Ever. Continue reading


Dichotomy of a Day

In honor of the Labor Day holiday, I did not work on Friday. (I don’t work tomorrow either, but that’s not here yet so I haven’t got any stories about it.)

So Jon and I went to the range. I initially suggested we spend our day together mini-golfing, but Jon turned up his nose a bit at that. I suggested we go skeet shooting instead. Did you know that shotguns are really heavy? Continue reading