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Each week one member of Search and Destroy’s preschool class is selected to be STAR OF THE WEEK. It is only fair I share such an honor with you.

I remember the excitement of these things when I was their age. (I believe it was Special Helper back when I was a wee kinder.) We even got a special paper cut out badge pinned to our shirts. The muppets get a whole poster dedicated to their fantastic little persons. (And they get to be line leader, which is apparently a BIG deal in the 3-year-old class.)

The week of April 14 is “All About Search!”

*Note – I transcribed all of the replies directly. Search then helped me assemble the posters. Destroy had lost interest by the time it came to decorate, instead choosing to throw a tantrum on the floor regarding his disinterest in the potty. This part is not on the poster.

I am 3 years old.
Almost 4 actually – only six weeks left to go until there are FOUR candles lighting up a cake.

My favorite color is pink.
Search desperately wanted a dollhouse for Christmas. But if you asked him about it, he’d make sure you were crystal clear, “A PINK dollhouse.” When coloring, painting or otherwise preschool crafting, Search is always going to pick the pink color. I asked him about his favorite color recently. “Um, I like blue and green. But also, I really like pink.”

There is no gendered focus or intent at this age – the kid just really likes the color pink. (Red will do in a pinch.)

My favorite animal is a giraffe.
The giraffe was the first animal Search encountered on our first trip to the zoo. It walked right up to the viewing area and stuck its big black tongue out at him. Search was absolutely delighted. He immediately acquired an adorable stuffed toy of his new friend.

I think he just gets a big kick out of the long neck. I’ve thus far left out the symbolism of giraffe as the name for the isolettes preemies first live in.

My favorite food is cereal.
Kix and Cheerios to be specific. Mixed together in the blue plastic bowl. It’s a hot commodity around our house; alas, it’s a 50/50 shot at who’s going to consume said bowl. (The dogs like it just as much as the kid.) And all those leftover carbo-loaded spheres and circles? They can be found in bulk, lining the floor of my MomMobile.

This is what I look like.

Captured by Violet_08-29-13_stream 22

My family.

Captured by Violet_08-29-13_stream 02

The zoo is my favorite place.
This answer actually surprised me, but Search was adamant about it. Don’t get me wrong – he does like the zoo, but sometimes I wonder if he is actually experiencing any of the animals or taking in more local sites like, “Hey! That guy dropped his napkin,” and “Look! That lady looks like a crocodile.” (Mostly this reply surprised me because of the tense side-eye stare down between Search and a proud preening peacock in front of the gorilla exhibit during our last excursion.)


When I grow up, I want to be a prince.
Search is a very big fan of Cinderella. Typically when you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up, he’ll respond with a very enthusiastic “Mike Wazowski.” (He may have future career growth confused with Halloween.) A bit of additional prodding and explanatory discussion on what “when you grow up” means, and “A prince,” Search replied very matter-of-factly. “Because then I can hug Cinderella,” he explained as though it was the most obvious fact in the world.


My favorite thing to do is play with trucks.
This is self-explanatory. Our living room is bursting at the seams with trucks. “Mommy, you play trucks with me.” Despite our best parenting efforts, trucks also seem to make repeat appearances at the dinner table and in bed. Did you know that most toy trucks these days make noise and talk? They do.


If I had one wish, I would wish for a special toy.
And once again this is a secret only my son knows. He wears his secret smile to show he can picture his special toy close to his heart – but he’s not telling.


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