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Star of the Week: Search

Search Poster

Each week one member of Search and Destroy’s preschool class is selected to be STAR OF THE WEEK. It is only fair I share such an honor with you.

I remember the excitement of these things when I was their age. (I believe it was Special Helper back when I was a wee kinder.) We even got a special paper cut out badge pinned to our shirts. The muppets get a whole poster dedicated to their fantastic little persons. (And they get to be line leader, which is apparently a BIG deal in the 3-year-old class.)

The week of April 14 is “All About Search!” Continue reading

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When Zoo Life Mirrors Home Life


What do you do with two stir-crazy three-year-olds on a January Saturday? When it’s 70 degrees in the Bay Area, you take them to the zoo.

(All the while singing the “Love You Forever” because sometimes you think your toddler belongs in the zoo.) Continue reading

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We’re Going to the Zoo

This is the song that has been stuck in my head since I played the role of Gymbo the Clown in the local mall Gymboree at age 16. (I got the part because I fit in the costume. And none of the adult employees wanted anything to do with it.)

So when the boys announced they needed to go to the zoo, Jon piped right up, “We’re going to the zoo today!” Continue reading