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Born to His Nickname

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Level of Tiredness


Level of tiredness: Arguing grammar and linguistics with a 4-year-old. Continue reading


Star of the Week: Search

Search Poster

Each week one member of Search and Destroy’s preschool class is selected to be STAR OF THE WEEK. It is only fair I share such an honor with you.

I remember the excitement of these things when I was their age. (I believe it was Special Helper back when I was a wee kinder.) We even got a special paper cut out badge pinned to our shirts. The muppets get a whole poster dedicated to their fantastic little persons. (And they get to be line leader, which is apparently a BIG deal in the 3-year-old class.)

The week of April 14 is “All About Search!” Continue reading

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Go Clean Your Room (or why am I frantically tidying the house before a playdate)

Living Room

Did you all have a nice weekend? We had a Superbowl Party. I won’t lie. It did turn in to a bit of a Bacchanalian fracas.

It was supposed to be a nice chill, laid back afternoon. Jon invited a couple friends over; I did the same. Jon set about preparing mozzarella meatball sliders, I focused on the important course of the meal – carrot cake and peanut butter brownies. It was a gluten-free bonanza, yo! (Lookitmee, all domestic-like.) Continue reading


Somethin’ Bout a Truck

The calming chatterboxes in the back of the MomMobile were giggling about the day’s misdeeds, when we rolled to a stop across the street from a recently razed corner market.


It was Apocolypse Now – Toddler version. If a garbage truck had been added to the mix, there may have been cause for aneurysm concern. Continue reading


Merry Christmas. Some Assembly Required.

Christmas 2011 has come and gone. Hurricane Muppet is in full force. This is a long blog. I know this. I recommend some coffee. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

We woke up at 7 a.m. (letting Mommy sleep far later than the Christmas mornings of her childhood) and descended the steep not-to-code stairs. Jon had brewed a pot of coffee for Grandma Nancy – of which I greedily availed myself to as well. As we gathered caffeine cups and black Hefty bags for wrapping paper containment, I truly felt like a parent for the first time. Continue reading


Secret Agent Men

I write this in the midst of living room rubble.

The toy box exploded. There is mysterious fuzz embedded in the carpet, lining a crushed layer of Cheerio dust. Pages from what I assume were once books are flung far and wide. And the vehicles sit askew from where the muppets laid down their bikes – tricycle wheels spinning harmlessly head over heels. Continue reading


It’s so FUZZY!

I went to Costco to pick up munchies to serve after the muppets baptism on Saturday. I just stopped by quickly after work; it’s on the way home.

And then I saw it. The giant stuffed bear. Continue reading