Level of Tiredness


Level of tiredness: Arguing grammar and linguistics with a 4-year-old.

Destroy: I throwed my transformer down the stairs.

Me: You THREW your toy. And don’t do that.

Destroy: No, I throwed my transformer, not my toy.

Me: Ok. But you already threw it. Which means you did it already. The past tense of “throw” is “threw.” And don’t do that.

Destroy: And then you catched it.

Me: I CAUGHT it.

Destroy: Because it was already catched?

Me: Kind of. “Caught” is the past tense of “catch.”

Destroy: No. You catched it because it didn’t broked.

Me: It didn’t BREAK. But don’t throw your toys.

Destroy: You’re doing it wrong Luke Skywalker! <uproarious laughter>

And then I spilled my coffee down my shirt. I’m gonna need more.


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  1. Oh, four year old! We’ve named this age “fournrey” in our house.

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