Somethin’ Bout a Truck

The calming chatterboxes in the back of the MomMobile were giggling about the day’s misdeeds, when we rolled to a stop across the street from a recently razed corner market.


It was Apocolypse Now – Toddler version. If a garbage truck had been added to the mix, there may have been cause for aneurysm concern.

Who’s up for a little country music? (No comments AuntJ – it’s good stuff – and one of your great nephews totally does a kick ass impersonation of Lyle Lovett.)

♫ There’s something about a truck. 

If you ask a muppet to name a color, he’ll answer “blue.” It doesn’t matter what the actual hue is. If you ask a muppet to name a truck varietal, he’ll give you an instantaneous (and correct) answer. (Or he’ll yell “tractor.”)

We have fire trucks and garbage trucks with motorized mechanisms and “guys” that go with them. We have excavators, bulldozers and dumb trucks galore. Hot Wheels and Little People cars zoom down race tracks, while pop-up books flash monster machines with their fancy names. And this is just our living room.

At school, kiddos race around in trucks and trikes while squealing over the onsite construction occurring in the parking lot. TRACTOR! DOZER! DIGGER! TRUCK!

♫ There’s something about an ice-cold milk – after a long hard play, makes it taste just right. 

I can’t blame them for getting so excited. When I was their age, I had the same excitement over every cement mixer sighting. I wanted to BE a cement mixer when I grew up.

♫ There’s something about a girl in a red sundress. ♫ And goodness knows, our little rough and tumble hero here has oft availed his toddling adorableness to woo the ladies.

As mentioned, prior to our construction site encounter, we’d been discussing the day.

Me: What’d you do at school today, Destroy?

Destroy: Lola.

I’m sure her father will love hearing this little anecdote. (It’s funny because he’s 2, people. Get your heads out of the gutter.)

But who can resist the love of such a handsome little dude. Especially as he’s Bo Duking it across the hood of his Little Tykes police cruiser truck. ♫ The most natural thing, you’ve ever felt before. There’s something about a kiss that’s going lead to more. 

“Hi Mommy. Kiss?” <muah> will pretty much guarantee the boy gets whatever he wants.

I won’t lie. I’m smitten. And I won’t deny, each night that goodnight kiss leads to one more goodnight book, “Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site.” Where the Crane Truck snuggles up with a teddy bear and star, the Cement Mixer gets a bath and a blanket and all the gang get to rest their weary wheels.

♫ And Lord have mercy, watching my little dudes become aware of the world (or trying to scope out the “Big Truck”), it’s a beautiful thing. ♫ Almost as beautiful as the calm that overcomes a parent when a small child agrees to willingly lay quietly. Holding tightly to the yellow toy tractor truck.

♫ Ain’t nothing about it luck, there’s something about a truck. ♫ That’s totally gonna leave a mark in the morning…


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  1. Gramma J

    Machines and animals really intrigue kids. You could move to a farm, until chores are in the mix. Then the fascination ends

  2. Joanne Hamann

    There’s somethin’ about country music – ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Always wanted to use the wrecking ball

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