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Octopus Crime


Nana brought a bunch of vintage Transformer toys over. (Toys really were cooler when we were kids.)

In any case, Search and Destroy both have full-blown Transformer fever. The symptoms of which are best represented by constant bickering over which is deemed “the coolest toy” of the moment. Continue reading

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Care and Consideration of Loveies


“Elle is my friend,” is a common refrain heard around of my house.

Elle is an elephant – well, a stuffed elephant atop a soft grey baby blanket. She also goes by the name “Shaking Elle” due to the embedded rattle in her head. Basically she’s a newborn comfort blanket in animal form.

A well-loved lovey. Continue reading

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Go Clean Your Room (or why am I frantically tidying the house before a playdate)

Living Room

Did you all have a nice weekend? We had a Superbowl Party. I won’t lie. It did turn in to a bit of a Bacchanalian fracas.

It was supposed to be a nice chill, laid back afternoon. Jon invited a couple friends over; I did the same. Jon set about preparing mozzarella meatball sliders, I focused on the important course of the meal – carrot cake and peanut butter brownies. It was a gluten-free bonanza, yo! (Lookitmee, all domestic-like.) Continue reading


Somethin’ Bout a Truck

The calming chatterboxes in the back of the MomMobile were giggling about the day’s misdeeds, when we rolled to a stop across the street from a recently razed corner market.


It was Apocolypse Now – Toddler version. If a garbage truck had been added to the mix, there may have been cause for aneurysm concern. Continue reading


Thought Different

*This post originally appeared on AlliOSNews.

Silicon Valley is abuzz with excitement. Today is the big day. It’s almost here.

Continue reading

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TechMomTuesday: Kate Spade Computer Bag Review

Welcome to Tech Mom Tuesdays!

It’s Tuesday, I’m a mom, and I’m a tech geek. I was thrilled when Clinton from AlliOSNews asked me to provide my weekly perspective. (I don’t think he quite knew what he was getting himself into – but the idea is to share how all my tech toys play out in the real world. Or at least my world.)

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going on over there: Continue reading


Toddling Technical 2-Year-Olds

The generational gap has manifested itself in full-fledged glory this evening.

My mother and father spent the day at the Verizon store. Both were proud new owners of their very own iPhones. PapaStavo has an iPhone. GrammaJ is sending pictures of my dog nephew in an attempt to master the iPad camera.

Suddenly this Mayan prophecy thing doesn’t seem quite so wackadoo. Continue reading


AlliosNews: App Review

We’re a technical family. The pending arrival of the copy and paste command was announced via Facebook (it was totally the cool thing at the time).

And, you know, blogging the little ones entire lives. Livin’ the Silicon Valley life, yo. Continue reading

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The Little iPhone That Could

A little smartphone had a large database of apps to run.

She was a happy little phone. For she had calendars and contacts to remember. Sports stats and games. There was iBooks, Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to socialize with. Instagram and Snapseed edited photos while Mail and Messages shared them with friends. Continue reading


The Lovely Miss Chicken

Because what world isn’t better when you have a rooster in glittery drag smiling back upon you? The Lovelies sent me Miss Chicken!

1998: Slightly uncertain teenagers, Auntie Beeca and I meet as roomates. Maureen co-opts our room as the honorary third roommate (tutoring calculus). Ivy lives next door. Our little Hawaiian, Julia, rounds out our 11th floor penthouse dorm. Beeca’s mom (Mom2) dubs us “The Lovelies.”

2003: A beautiful bouquet of flowers arrives at my office. And a small shipping box – containing Miss Chicken, a sparkling bedazzled drag rooster in fabulous purple leopard print heels. Continue reading