Octopus Crime


Nana brought a bunch of vintage Transformer toys over. (Toys really were cooler when we were kids.)

In any case, Search and Destroy both have full-blown Transformer fever. The symptoms of which are best represented by constant bickering over which is deemed “the coolest toy” of the moment.


Search: I want a Octopus Crime like Matthew. It transforms into a truck.

Jon: You mean Optimus Prime?

Search: No, Octopus Crime.

Jon: Is it an octopus?

Search: No.

Jon: Does it commit crimes?

Search: No.

Jon: I’m pretty sure it’s Optimus Prime.

Search: Ok, but I want Octopus Crime.


Later, Destroy’s trademark wail pierced the evening air.

Destroy: Search hit me!

Me: Search, did you hit your brother?

Search: He deserved it.

Suddenly the interest in a multi-armed crime syndicate makes much more sense…


Slightly related side note: These transformer toys were once the playthings of a muppet-aged Jon. How is it that they survived an entire childhood with him, while tapping out only days after indoctrination into the world of Search and Destroy?

Vintage, baby!

Vintage, baby!

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