Naptime Nowadays


We still put the boys down to “rest.” Science may say that naps are no longer healthy after the age of 2, but I would like to invite Science to come deal with muppets after a long day and no nap.

(Also, I am 34 and still greatly enjoy naps. So does most of Europe. Suck it Science.)

So this weekend, we once again fought the valiant naptime battle.

Me: We’re going to take a rest.

Search: No. But we didn’t play a lot!

Me: It’s rest time.

Search: Aw man…

Me: Now remember, you don’t have to sleep – but you have to start in your bed. And you have to stay in your room and stay quiet.

I tucked in my little dudes and turned off the light. The house remained quiet for approximately 30 seconds. Then the whispering began – slowly growing into a full-blown chatter.

<15 minutes later>

Jon: Well, I don’t think the boys are napping. But it sounds like they’re playing nicely.

Destroy: <voice heard from his room> Hey Search, it’s my turn to dive!


Search: <voice heard from his room> Oh man, are you ok?

Destroy: <simultaneous voice heard from his room> I’m ok! … … … Shake it! Shake shake shake. Shake it!


Search: <voice heard from his room> My turn to drive!


Jon: I’d really like them to actually nap.

Me: Yeah. I don’t see that happening.

Search: <voice heard from his room> I did NOT push that button.

<Door opens. Two 4-year-olds come scampering out with very guilty looking expressions. Blaring beep of alarm clock follows.>

Search: Um, we cannot sleep because the clock is too loud.

Jon: And how could that have happened? Were you playing with it?

Search and Destroy: No! We didn’t touch it.

<Boys reinstated into the bedroom.>

Destroy: <voice heard from his room> Want to see my super cool trick? Let me show you. Watch this!

Search: <voice heard from his room> Oh my goodness, Buzz!

Destroy: <voice heard from his room> To infinity and beyond!


Search: <voice heard from his room> That’s not flying! That’s falling with style!

Jon: So, how long till we end up in the ER?


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