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Gingerbread Men


Friday was the Gingerbread Party at the boys’ preschool.

Search and Destroy were thrilled with their creations. With good reason – the resulting houses are adorable! Continue reading

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Santa Baby

Santa Pictures

“I’m not going to cry, but I don’t want to smile.”

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The Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Plate Turkey

Gramma J is a big fan of educational activities.

So, as the mercury rose above 90 on Thanksgiving Day, Gramma pulled out the Preschooler’s Busy Book.

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Communication Confusion and When 94 is a Flunking Grade


I was just finishing up a project after spending the wee hours of the morning driving down to Gramma and Papa’s house. I signed off, “Without further ado…”

“Don’t you mean adieu?” inquired Gramma J.

Did I? Ah, mother. “When you depart from me sorrow abides and happiness takes his leave.” (Apparently from Shakespeare’s “Much Adieu About Nothing.”) Perhaps this called for a song to appropriately end a conversation of such foolish or unnecessary talk. “So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu. Ado, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yooo…”

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Flashback Friday: The First Thanksgiving

Packed for Thanksgiving

Four years ago, filled to the gills with thanks for the healthy twins now home with us, Jon and I packed up our new family additions and all the associated accouterments to accompany them. Our trip was less than 12 hours and involved the write-up below.

This year, the muppets and I journeyed to Grandma and Papa’s house for five full days. The above photo is what we brought. Continue reading

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We’re Going to a Dead Man’s Party (or trick-or-treating the neighborhood)

I spent the morning convincing Destroy that Darth Vader was not a superhero to be sported on superhero day at school. (The boys’ preschool class isn’t allowed to do Halloween costumes.)

So when evening rolled around, Search and Destroy were eager to take over the world’s candy supply as the costumed duo, Prince Charming and Darth Vader.

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Happy Halloween: Disguises through the years (2014 Edition)

CA Halloween 011

Another year, another adorable terrible twosome.

The force was with them as they raced down block after block, pumpkin baskets in hand, ready to charm the candy out of all our neighbors. Continue reading

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Dark Vader, The Child Formerly Known as Prince, Octopus Crime and a Seriously Skilled Breakdancing Sophia the First

Halloween Aquarium_10-26-14-11

Halloween season is in full swing. We were invited to attend the Monterey Bay Aquarium trick-or-treat dance party.

Who wouldn’t want to get down with creatures of the deep? Continue reading

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It’s the Great Pumpkin, Preschool Kids

Pumpkin Patch_Jack-o-Lanturn_10-08-14

I had the week off work. So in a moment of guilt over being “that parent” (we’re the ones who never attend any of the preschool festivities), I decided it would be a wonderful idea to chaperone the pre-K excursion to the pumpkin patch – their first field trip ever.

“We’re going on a magic school bus!” their teacher enthusiastically declared. “It’s just a regular bus,” she whispered to the parents. I wasn’t sold. All the evils of a school bus combined with 60 4-year-olds? Sure sounded like a job for Mrs. Frizzle to me. Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July!

Independence Day

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