Dark Vader, The Child Formerly Known as Prince, Octopus Crime and a Seriously Skilled Breakdancing Sophia the First

Halloween Aquarium_10-26-14-11

Halloween season is in full swing. We were invited to attend the Monterey Bay Aquarium trick-or-treat dance party.

Who wouldn’t want to get down with creatures of the deep?

And there’s certainly something to be said about strolling down the streets of Cannery Row flanked by Prince Charming and Darth Vader (the boy was born to wear a cape).


We met up with our friends before the shindig, to dine on the earthly remains of the underwater souls DJing the evening’s ghoulish extravaganza.

Prince Charming awaited his princess while overlooking the surf crashing onto the pier below. Alas, she was too tempted by the dark side.

Halloween Aquarium_10-26-14-07

Apparently the restaurant was reluctant to seat a party so flush with the force. But all banded together to sway the staff. (The adults encouraged the hostess to recognize that four hungry ones age four and under wouldn’t end well.)

Finally darkness fell. Minnie transformed into Optimus Prime (also known as Octopus Crime) and the three musketeers took the aquarium by storm (for better or worse).

Halloween Aquarium_10-26-14-12

Staff dressed as octopi (actual ones as opposed to autobots or decepticons), jelly fish, and all six Octonauts, happily handed out candy at all the various exhibits while children and grown-ups dressed as every creative concept imaginable enjoyed the haunting swishy movements of the creatures of the sea. (And also the divers in the Open Ocean exhibit playing a game of Aquarium Quidditch.)

And at the very end, attendees of all ages descended upon the dance floor. We all rocked out to Thriller – turns out all the little ones got moves! Destroy/Darth was spinning and getting down with these sick beats (Taylor Swift’s new song played before Thriller).

The theme song of ghosts and goblins everywhere was followed by a hip-hop rap song. I’d share the specifics, but I wasn’t familiar with the particular song. Minnie’s baby sister started to show off her moves.

Girl’s got SKILLZ!

Halloween Aquarium_10-26-14-06


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