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A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll


“Mommy, I need the music.” It’s a refrain that’s part of our daily routine now. We get in the car, the radio magically bursts into commercial, and Destroy demands music. The moment a song begins playing, Destroy starts in with the questions: “What song is this?” “Who’s singing?” “What’s the band?” “What’s the singers name?”

(FYI – Shout out to Siri here for keeping me in the know, thereby preserving my status as mom with all the answers. Simply press button, ask, “Siri, what song is this?” and point phone.) Continue reading

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Dark Vader, The Child Formerly Known as Prince, Octopus Crime and a Seriously Skilled Breakdancing Sophia the First

Halloween Aquarium_10-26-14-11

Halloween season is in full swing. We were invited to attend the Monterey Bay Aquarium trick-or-treat dance party.

Who wouldn’t want to get down with creatures of the deep? Continue reading

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Office Space: The Devilish Details of My Job


I don’t talk about work here often. Mostly because some of my work peeps occasionally read my blog. (<waves> Hi work people.) And also because that could be considered poor form.

But sometimes events occur so egregious that they must be documented. Continue reading


The Rainbow Connection

I got a message from my cousin yesterday – she’d found The Muppets: The Green Album. Along with deliciously caffeinated overpriced coffee-like drinks, Starbucks is also selling hipster music albums these days.

How could I pass up THE MUPPETS? “An assortment of today’s top artists put a twist on familiar selections from The Muppet songbook.” Continue reading