A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll


“Mommy, I need the music.” It’s a refrain that’s part of our daily routine now. We get in the car, the radio magically bursts into commercial, and Destroy demands music. The moment a song begins playing, Destroy starts in with the questions: “What song is this?” “Who’s singing?” “What’s the band?” “What’s the singers name?”

(FYI – Shout out to Siri here for keeping me in the know, thereby preserving my status as mom with all the answers. Simply press button, ask, “Siri, what song is this?” and point phone.)

We made it home unscathed – the half-hour drive broken into 2-minute chunks of total focus after I figured out the life hack of turn on the iTunes. (Current favorite Zac Brown Band, Homegrown.)

Little dude Destroy scampered outside and climbed up onto the patio table – facing backward. He was enraptured by the newly installed (and more excitingly, working) outdoor speakers.

I followed him outside and poked his shirt just beneath his smiling face. “What’d you earn the sticker for today, bud?”

He looked at me completely nonchalantly and stated matter-of-factly, “For being a rock star.” As though it were the most obvious answer in the world.


Completely disinterested in his evening meal, Destroy resumed his head banging to the beat of Soundgarden’s “Fell On Black Days” pumped through our backyard.

After dinner, I asked him if he wanted to play in the front yard a bit before bed.

“Nope. “I don’t need to go to bed,” he beat-boxed back before promptly belting out, “I’m up all night to get lucky!”


But he wasted no time in breakdancing his way onto the lawn, while singing, “I like to move it, move it!” for the enjoyment of the entire neighborhood. (As it turns out, the kid is a natural air-guitarist and pavement drummer.)

Caden_Fire Truck_05-04-15

His brother followed him out shortly thereafter, bearing a toy fire truck and Mickey Mouse guitar.

Destroy immediately took care of getting his rock on. This was clearly his evening to be noticed. And he was.

At that very moment, Pacman and his dad crossed the street. Destroy grabbed the neck of his blue guitar and smashed it into the sidewalk.

“Whoa there little Axl Rose!” Pacman’s dad exclaimed. Pacman seemed equally impressed. In fact, several minutes later Pacman took his turn at instrument destruction.

I knew these two were ready to cause trouble.

But the guitar stunt was readily abandoned as the boys went in search of other objects subject to potential destruction.

Suddenly Pacman came FLYING by me, with Destroy hot on his heels. Pacman had procured a plastic gray wrench and was holding his treasure aloft. I truly had no idea preschoolers could move so fast. Just as I mentally prepared myself for an imminent ER trip, Pacman sent the wrench flying into the adoring crowd slightly concerned group of parents.

Can’t you see the future Hot 100 single now? “Chasing the Wrench” by Search and Destroy (feat. Pacman) – great name for a future rock collaboration. If nothing else, I guarantee this group will be awesome showmen.

I’ll be guarding my garage if you need me.

Meanwhile, Destroy is currently crooning the Little Einsteins theme song at the precipice of evening kid shows. We’re a little bit rock-n-roll, but all genre inclusive.


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