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A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll


“Mommy, I need the music.” It’s a refrain that’s part of our daily routine now. We get in the car, the radio magically bursts into commercial, and Destroy demands music. The moment a song begins playing, Destroy starts in with the questions: “What song is this?” “Who’s singing?” “What’s the band?” “What’s the singers name?”

(FYI – Shout out to Siri here for keeping me in the know, thereby preserving my status as mom with all the answers. Simply press button, ask, “Siri, what song is this?” and point phone.) Continue reading

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Behind the Music: Search and Destroy


Destroy scampered toward me the moment I walked in the door. “Mommy! Let’s play music!” Because, when you’re three, you dance to the music in your own head – but sometimes it’s fun to rock out to the DJ spinning at the Lego table, too.

Don’t we all wish our life had a soundtrack? Continue reading

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