The Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Plate Turkey

Gramma J is a big fan of educational activities.

So, as the mercury rose above 90 on Thanksgiving Day, Gramma pulled out the Preschooler’s Busy Book.

I was immediately taken with this book and had high hopes – it’s the only activity book for the younger set that features accurate results in the cover photo. (You know any painting project is going to end up mostly on the kid.)

Busy Book

To commemorate the holiday and practice our cutting skills (in addition to having supplies already laying around the house), the decision was made to design a paper plate turkey. The boys would then be able to eat afternoon snacks off their masterpieces.

See above for the end goal.

That wasn’t *quite* how it turned out.

Destroy decided to draw the turkey’s face directly on the plate – merging body and face. Despite the lack of a neck, it was still important for his bird to have a snood and wattle. The energy exerted from cutting out these tiny pieces sucked his remaining energy, leaving him time to create only two tail feathers.

I couldn’t help, because I was too busy laughing hysterically at the legs/feet drawn freehand on white construction paper.

The visual arts are not a family strong suit, and the lower poultry regions looked more like nether-regions not appropriate for the preschool audience.

To get my mind out of the wild turkey gutter, I asked Destroy why his turkey looked so sad. Rather than a smile, a straight line streaked across Turkey Tom’s visage.

“Maybe he’s concerned because it’s Thanksgiving and he doesn’t want to get eaten.”

I took in the entirety of this turkey.

“Gramma, I don’t think Destroy has to worry, even a little, that this bird will be the dinner entree plucked from the flock.”

I suggested we name him Monsanto.

I was chastised for making fun of my little one’s artwork.

To the blog!

Logan_Paper Plate Turkey_11-28-14

You see my point?

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  1. Gramma J

    They had a lot of fun!

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