Gingerbread Men


Friday was the Gingerbread Party at the boys’ preschool.

Search and Destroy were thrilled with their creations. With good reason – the resulting houses are adorable!

Gingerbread Houses

I was less thrilled with the continued insistence that their teacher said the houses could be eaten for dinner.

  1. I’m relatively certain that was said in the moment to prevent 60+ preschoolers from eating candy instead of decorating.
  2. No.

But as unappealing as boxed gingerbread glued together with frosting and adorned with stale candy may seem to you or me, I acquiesced to devouring them for dessert.

If the cannibalistic witch from Hansel and Gretel ever tempts Search, I fear for his well-being. He clearly won’t be able to resist the enticement to sample a candy-coated abode.

Caden Eating Gingerbread

Then again, he has certainly proven himself to be quite the little fighter…

Gingerbread Destruction

Delicious demolition.

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