The Story of Santa


‘Tis the season. And so the muppets explained the story of the Fat Man to me.

Search: Did you tell Santa about our new address so he’ll bring the presents we talked to him about?

Destroy: Santa only brings presents to nice boys. You can’t have to sit by the yellow wall because you hit Matthew. Even if he was in your way.

Search: That’s being naughty.

Destroy: Santa flies a sleigh. But it’s ok. It doesn’t crash because it’s little.

Search: But sometimes it does crash. But that’s an accident, so that’s ok. Then a camel will help.

Me: Santa has a camel with him?

Destroy: Well, no, not a camel. It’s a llama. And sometimes it has to pull Santa’s sleigh out of the snow if it crashes and gets stuck and the reindeer can’t help.

Search: We saw deer at the park with Grandpa, you know.

Destroy: It had one horn.

Me: You saw a unicorn? (I’ve got a whole list of things I’d like to see in a world of rainbows and unicorns.)

Destroy: No. It was a reindeer. It’s friends with the llama.


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