TechMom Tuesday: My iPhone and the Deathly Hallows


Although AlliOSNews no longer exists in the blogosphere, I’m still a Silicon Valley tech nerd. And even without a tech blog forum with which to muse poetic about my shiny toys, I still use the technology I once wrote about.

Today is Tuesday. I believe my iPhone is magic.

“Seriously?” Jon asked when he saw the decal now adorning my iPhone.


Damn skippy. And not just because I am a devoted fan still awaiting my Hogwart’s acceptance letter. Today’s smartphones are the embodiment of the Deathly Hallows – three legendary objects in the wizarding world that would make one the “Master of Death” should they possess all three of the represented objects.

Contrary to the general assumption that mastering death is synonymous with immortality, a true master accepts the inevitable – accepting that no battery charge lasts forever.

The Elder Wand
(represented by the straight vertical line)

The most powerful wand that ever existed. Much as the wand chooses the wizard, each with its own core, smartphone users are drawn to their own style. Apple, Android, Windows. (Even Blackberry for those like Ron Weasley and a hand-me-down wand.)

Today we hold more power in the palm of our hands than the whole of NASA used to send a man to the moon. Consumer demand for technology overtook society in a way previous generations could only have explained to be magic.

The Resurrection Stone
(represented by the circle surrounding the straight vertical line)

The power to bring back the dead – or rather shadows of our loved ones gone before us. We’ve moved from a software and hardware based world to the cloud. Our beloved apps contain shades of our most personal data, all stored somewhere beyond our current realm.

These small devices are now shells of our own selves – containing all of the information that drives our daily lives. Additionally, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – the phone is where our photos and updates link us immediately to the digital representations of acquaintances loved and lost through distance and time.

The Cloak of Invisibility
(represented by the triangle enclosing the circle surrounding the straight vertical line)

Harry Potter received this cloak as a gift; it made the wearer completely invisible. According to the legend of the Deathly Hallows, whoever united the Cloak with the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand would become the Master of Death.

Sometimes my technology is my escape from reality.

Have you ever been at an awkward engagement – standing in the corner playing on your phone. Congratulations, you’ve just rendered yourself socially invisible.

Behold, muggles. Our technology serves as modern day wizardry!

<Drops wand. Dusts off nerd stripes.>

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  1. Farris

    Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!!!! I myself am strange and unusual. 😉 Love you my fellow Potterhead!!!!!

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