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Writing and THE BOOK

I know. You’re going to ask, “How’s The Book coming?” And the truth is, I’ve been working on it.


Very. Slowly.

Because the easy parts are done. It’s just the initial (not very pleasant) chapter that looms ahead of me. And yeah, truth be told, I’m scared of rejections (which I know I’ll get) as I search for an agent.

But, the muppets are now three-years-old. And I finally got my hands on the 3,000 pages of medical records. So I’m kind of reinvigorated.

You’re presently accustomed to seeing a post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I wanted to let both of my loyal readers know that moving forward you’ll be seeing my witticisms Tuesday and Thursday (and this is not only just because no one reads blogs on Friday).

For you and perhaps partially for myself (it’s far to easy to get lost in the instant gratification of a blog post) I reiterate that I am not leaving this blog. I’ll still be posting muppet stories – and I’m certain some well-timed stories will need to go up immediately.

I love writing. I always have. And through this journey of infertility to fully formed family via the road less traveled of prematurity, it has also been therapeutic. This is part of the reason I am making a public declaration to focus more on that initial story.

I’ll still be writing just as much – and shall return to my regularly scheduled posts upon completion of my memoirs.

I leave you with a photo of Destroy – proof positive that I won’t be running out of ideas for posts anytime soon.



U.S. News & World Report: Premature Births Twitter Chat


This Thursday, U.S. News & World Report, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and March of Dimes are hosting a live Twitter chat about premature births in the United States. Continue reading


Tiny Inspiration


I’ve been blogging for three years. Be impressed.

Because what started on a whim because a friend announced their own blog has become a project unto itself. Even I don’t know where it’s going – I never have. (I certainly never planned to be a preemie twin mommy blogger.)

Someone recently asked me, “Will you stop blogging now that the boys have outgrown prematurity?” Continue reading


Most Likely to Inspire You To Change The World… even just a little

Wait – what? Who the hell is Jack?

It was April 2010. I was in the Mom/Baby unit. Room 39 I think (I was the guest of many variations of whatever number it was).

I was lying semi-upright in my newly prescribed bedrest position. Jon was with me. We were waiting for the doctor. I didn’t know when I’d get to go home. I’d been on that hospital third floor for four days and counting – ever since my “routine” checkup revealed that something was amiss, contractions were not Braxton-Hicks, and the muppets were in danger of making a very early arrival. Continue reading


Holiday Hop!

I’ve never done one of those blog hop things before. To my knowledge, some people hate them, some people love them. If done right, you can find some great sites you may not have known about.

Additionally, I have a rule. If it makes me laugh – it gets shared. So… Continue reading

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Tonight’s Blog Has Been Postponed

Tonight was game 6 of the NLCS. The muppets are quite good at BalloonBall.


Don’t worry folks. He was safe at home. (Pun totally intended.)

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How Did Your Blog Get Its Name?

One of the most common questions posed during my recent New York adventure was, “How did your blog get its name?”

The title of a blog is your first introduction – it can be simply a name or a reflection of the theme within. By design, a blog is often named before the content even begins flowing. Because we need a place to call home for the future of our words. Continue reading


Updated: The Writer’s Collaborative

I like to think of myself somewhat as a humor blogger. You know – the highlights of the headaches and hilarity involved in raising tiny twins.

This got me thinking.

Many of my featured pieces are decidedly less than humorous. Continue reading


There will be no witty repartee on the blog today


How to Approach the Mommy Blogger

I was recently approached by a PR agency with a few questions about approaching/working with Mommy Bloggers. “Thought you might have some insight into how YOU prefer to be contacted by us annoying agency folk,” the request began.

Now, lest you think I’m about to flame flacks and get all haughty about being targeted thanks to my Voices of the Year recognition, I’ll just go ahead and faceplant right on over that high horse and remind you – I work in PR. I know the people asking. And I like them. I am one of them. Continue reading