How to Approach the Mommy Blogger

I was recently approached by a PR agency with a few questions about approaching/working with Mommy Bloggers. “Thought you might have some insight into how YOU prefer to be contacted by us annoying agency folk,” the request began.

Now, lest you think I’m about to flame flacks and get all haughty about being targeted thanks to my Voices of the Year recognition, I’ll just go ahead and faceplant right on over that high horse and remind you – I work in PR. I know the people asking. And I like them. I am one of them.

(But just in case: Dear Agents, Publishers, assorted various other “Peoples,” I have been nationally recognized. I’m kind of a big deal now. Want to work with me on my book?) Sorry. Stepping away from the shiny object that is BlogHer12.

And the agency really did ask for my advice. And I’m full of ideas. (Whether or not they’re any good – well, let me know how successful you are.)

Beware of calling anyone a Mommy Blogger.

Me? I’m totally fine with it. I’ve embraced my role in the niche. But wait. Is that all I am? I do occasionally write about other stuff. And at some point those little rugrats are going to grow up.

So keep in mind, we may be mommies. And we may be bloggers. But more likely than not, the better of those blogs are going to be bloggers who are mommies – not simply a Mommy Blogger.

Personally, I like to think of myself as a writer. I am a storyteller.

Right now, the best stories I have to share are about my experiences – in the hopes that I may inspire someone. Whether that be with hope in regards to the unknown (prematurity – I’m totally calling myself an expert now) or simply making someone laugh because “Oh, how I have been there” (or because I’m calling myself an expert at anything.)

The best told tales are those derived from that which we’ve lived – and that someone can relate too. Right now, mine just happen to involve more Cheerios than most.

Read the blog. Get involved. Comment.

Without fail, I get giddy when someone comments. Check out the site – maybe you can relate to something (that being the whole point of this endeavor in the first place.) I know this is common sense for PR practitioners, but do your homework.

If you pitch me about toddler snack foods while I’m writing about attempting to wean preemies off a feeding tube…won’t go over so well. However if, hypothetically speaking, you pitch me on a book review about a preemie book…there is a high likelihood that’ll get written.

Don’t pit us against each other.

I’m guessing that the majority of us in this particular (totally not small) niche category aren’t doing this as our full time profession. It’s a labor of love. (Ha. Ha. See what I did there? Mom blog humor.) But it still takes a decent amount of time – no one really loves being given an “opportunity” to shill something for one-sided benefit.

Contests suck. I wasn’t a fan of the popularity game when I was a kid; I won’t do it now. I’m not going to beg friends, family, readers, sponsors or the UPS deliveryman to vote for my blog.

Mom? Mom? Mom? Hi.

Um. So I’m all about building my community. And if you reach out to me. And then I respond – possibly with a question or clarification – ANSWER ME! Spray and pray pitches = not cool.

Please note, take all this with a grain of salt. I’m a mommy. I’m a blogger. (I pretend I’m a grownup sometimes too.) I’m making this up as I go along – ultimately just hoping my words resonate with someone, somewhere. I’m in it for the laughs. This is my story. I am not a category.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my girlfriend left me responsible for her Love Fern for the week. I don’t necessarily always kill foliage, but I do have an unfortunate tendency to make them suffer. So while I’m talking to the drowning plant, how can we best work together to share information on raising tiny humans?


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4 Responses to How to Approach the Mommy Blogger

  1. I totally agree on the contest thing!

    I’m not a mommy blogger. I’m something of a hybrid travel + dating blogger, instead. By I have the same feelings about contests…

    I hate feeling like I’m wasting my time, just tossing a penny in a giant wishing well, spending all my free time passionately promoting someone else’s contest/business by asking for votes…No, thank you.

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  4. Sarah

    You keep doing your own thing, there are plenty of us who love the blog the way you write it!

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