Tiny Inspiration


I’ve been blogging for three years. Be impressed.

Because what started on a whim because a friend announced their own blog has become a project unto itself. Even I don’t know where it’s going – I never have. (I certainly never planned to be a preemie twin mommy blogger.)

Someone recently asked me, “Will you stop blogging now that the boys have outgrown prematurity?”

No. It’s an integral part of our story.

Someone recently asked me, “Do you ever tire of writing?”

No. Of course I face the occasional slump or lack of ability to transfer ideas into words, but this space has always been incredibly therapeutic to me. No small reason the community that is built around our stories.

(Meanwhile my children are growing up in a brave new world where mommy blogs their every move. It’s the new, “Do you know what I went through for you…” Live it. Learn it. Invest in a therapy trust fund.)

For me – my purpose is chronicling the headaches and hilarity involved in raising tiny twins.

Because there is So. Much. Material.

I smirked for a good hour after Cubicle Views called me out as a “Very Inspiring Blogger.” I strutted around preening my writing chops while my visitor stats rise. People are reading my words! Consuming my thoughts and ideas! ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE AND THE SPOTLIGHT’S ON ME!

And then I set about continuing this online bloggy chain letter because I actually discovered a couple really funny blogs on the list of my inspiring compatriots.

I am supposed to now share interesting (inspiring?) things about me and then list blogs that inspire me. <Cue eye rolling>

Well – Cubicle Views clearly loves reading about the exploits of Search and Destroy, so I’ll let them proffer the seven wonders of parental insight. (Note – I take this inspiration award so seriously because it will shortly become explicitly clear my Mother of the Year award is unlikely to be forthcoming.)


Out of the Mouths of Babes

Destroy: <shouting> PIE-NO!!!
Jon: Why is my son asking for Pino Griego?

Destroy: What’s that? <points at heating vent>
Me: It’s the heat warming up our house.
Search: Um, actually mommy…it’s the vent.

GrammaJ: Ok boys, it’s time to calm down and have lunch. Then we’ll take a little rest.
Search: But Gramma, we JUST got up from ni-night.

Jon: I think it’s time for some new jammies. Destroy’s belly cannot be contained by his shirt.
Me: <patting toddler’s robust mid-section> You have a big tummy!
Destroy: You have a big head, Mommy.

Search: I’m all wet.
Me: What happened?
Destroy: I jump in the puddles!
Search: ALL the puddles. <wicked grin>

Me: You want to watch the football game?
Search: No. I’m reading.
Me: <swells with educational pride>
Jon: Oh yeah, the Victoria’s Secret catalog came for you. But Search needed it. He won’t give it back.”

Destroy: No! That’s MYYYY ball.
Search: Dude. Really?

Me: You took off your shoes and your socks in the car?
Search: …Who me? … No I didn’t.

(Due to a brewing tantrum over who got to wear the Cars shirt, both boys were clad in the same jammies.)
GrammaJ: Look! You’re twins!
Destroy: No Gramma, we’re brothers.


And for those that inspire me. I’m going to take this space to call out the awesome stories shared by parents battling the odds and fighting for their families. Thank you for welcoming me into your world – you make us all realize we’re not alone.

  1. Ain’t No Roller Coaster – a micro preemie family beyond the first year.
  2. An Early Start – the life of a micro-preemie as told through Jaxson’s journey.
  3. Cora’s Story – this little angel fights for babies born with congenital heart disease, which she succumbed to at only 5 days old.
  4. H&H – identical twin girls to our north hoping for a clean bill of health as their mother tells their story.
  5. Life with Jack – I’ve already shared my adoration for this 23-weeker beating the odds.
  6. Our Little Virginia – showcasing micropreemie Virgina and advocating for all the babies born too soon.
  7. Preemie Babies 101Hand to Hold’s parent blog inspired by the many diverse experiences that are common to parents of preemies.
  8. Tales of the Anti-Preemie – the story of Sam who clearly didn’t get the memo that he’s a preemie.
  9. Understanding Prematurity – bringing understanding to the unexpected.

And now that I’ve shared all these awesome other stories with you, I’ll be back with more muppet anecdotes next week.


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  1. Tatum

    Thank you, Tricia! I’m inspired by you!

  2. Thank you for including us! I’m so amazed by the online community we have. So many preemie parents are sharing their stories and it makes it easier knowing that we’re not alone. I’m inspired by you, too! 🙂

  3. Thank you! Us “newbies” to prematurity and blogging are thankful for your insight!

  4. Wow! I am honored to be listed as an inspiration…. what pressure now… I actually have something to live up to!

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