Most Likely to Inspire You To Change The World… even just a little

Wait – what? Who the hell is Jack?

It was April 2010. I was in the Mom/Baby unit. Room 39 I think (I was the guest of many variations of whatever number it was).

I was lying semi-upright in my newly prescribed bedrest position. Jon was with me. We were waiting for the doctor. I didn’t know when I’d get to go home. I’d been on that hospital third floor for four days and counting – ever since my “routine” checkup revealed that something was amiss, contractions were not Braxton-Hicks, and the muppets were in danger of making a very early arrival.

I was two days shy of 23 weeks.

Where the hell was that doctor!

Jon seemed preoccupied. He was staring down at his phone – reading something. (Kind of like me these days.)

I asked what he was reading. (Here is where I will share a secret – I did not really care what he was reading. I was frustrated and bored.)

He’d found some blog on these here interwebs. It was about a micropreemie, a little boy born at 23 weeks.

“He’s doing ok now. He’s still young, and he had a lot of ups and downs. But he seems ok. It looks rough though.”

Obviously I had to read Every Single Entry.

I’d met Jack.

I continue to follow the life of this adorable superhero, as told through the eyes of his mother. I’ve never met them in person, but there is a kinship I’ve always felt with those in the secret society of prematurity who share their story.

Recently Parents Magazine nominated Jack as one of the top 5 blogs most likely to inspire world change.

Typically I roll my eyes at blog awards that require voting. Because the last thing I care to see are the words that touch so many reduced to a junior high popularity contest. And a blogger’s worth should shine through their work.

And this one does.

The voting period opened yesterday, with the ability to vote once a day until the 24th. I voted for Life with Jack. I will continue to do so.

Because in some of my darkest moments, Jack’s story did change my world.

He gave me hope.


Click here to vote for Life With Jack in the “MOST LIKELY TO INSPIRE YOU TO CHANGE THE WORLD (EVEN JUST A LITTLE)” category.


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  1. Cathy

    I too found Life With Jack when my daughter gave birth at 27 weeks almost 2 years ago. I am truly inspired by Jessie Bennion and her family and of course Jack.

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