World Prematurity Day

This is prematurity.

I am prematurity.

I am the chart that reads 0/3 – three pregnancies with no children.
I am the tears on a Labor and Delivery hospital room bed.
I am the spikes on a contraction monitor.

I am the sadness in the doctor’s eyes at 22 weeks.
I am the steroid shots at 24 weeks.
I am the crowded operating room at 27 weeks.

I am the NICU.
I am the isolette.
I am the tiny child swaddled in wires.

I am the parents’ fear.
I am the roller coaster of emotions.
I am the dance of two steps forward, one step back.

I am the ABCs of apnea and bradycardia.
I am the pulse-ox monitor.
I am the alarms sounding desats.

I am the oxygen.
I am the feeding tubes.
I am the stimulation.

I am the new normal.
I am the haze and fog.
I am the time in between – after birth but before my due date.

I am the parents.
I am the nurses and doctors.
I am the family and friends.

I am the miracle of a tiny breath.
I am the miracle of life.
I am a miracle.

I am prematurity.
I am aware.

We are hope.


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21 Responses to World Prematurity Day

  1. Gramma J

    Tears! Beautiful.

  2. I guess you can’t really say “Happy Prematurity Day”, but to all those who made it through (including my brave sister)…Happy Prematurity Day

    To those who weren’t so lucky, know that articles like this are what will hopefully help save lives in the future.

  3. Holly

    You’re a genius.

  4. granpastavo

    reading your blog you make me feel your pain, your joy, your worries, your excitement,your dreams, your reality, is it because we are related or because you are a great writer and comunicater, or both??? and yes tears tears love you gpa stavo

  5. becca

    tissues please! AMAZING! my little heroes. we love you! xoxo

  6. Gramma N

    Knowledge is a powerful thing. When people know better, they do better. Thank you, Tricia, for being a messenger of knowledge and awareness. Thank you, Search & Destroy, for being shining examples of hope & possibility. It matters more than you even know.

  7. This is powerful and so true! Yay for Search & Destroy!


  8. granpastavo

    Tricia Jon caden logan you are my heroes; thank you love tutti gpa Stavo

  9. Joanne Hamann

    Awesome – I heartily agree with all of the comments above – just makes me want to see them and hug them. Isn’t it AMAZING to look back and see all you’ve gone through! Just love those little guys!

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  11. Jody

    Mircles happen! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Rachel Yount

    Thank you. Brought back memories and makes me thabkfyl to see how far we have come. Wiping tears.

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  14. sad, beautiful and true.

    I wrote about the NICU after our daughter was born at 33 weeks:

  15. Holly

    Pulse Ox. Shivers at that memory. C & L are gorgeous big boys now. Yay.

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  17. So beautiful! I am awestruck by your story and your incredible skills in sharing it. God is so good. And congrats on your Voice of the Year honor for this piece. I can totally see why it was chosen! BRAVO!

  18. Ugh…so beautiful. Our daughter spent 8 days in the NICU at 15 days old. That places is full of brave, tired, but hopeful people. Thank you for this piece.

  19. WOW. just wow. I’ve always said that the reason we need to tell our stories is because you never know when the women sitting next to you, sitting across from you, whose broken places are still hidden…you never know when she is the one that needs to hear your hope.

    Thanks for telling your story and for your courage. Keep telling…

  20. Beautiful post and video! Thank you for giving us a glimpse into the reality for families with premies.

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