Whine and Cheese


Conversation from last night. Verbatim.

Destroy: I wannnnt my lollipops!  I neeeeed grapes on my plate. I don’t WANNA take bath… No bath! I neeeeeed my candy cane open. Mommmmmeeeeeee. Daddeeeeeeeeeee.

Jon: You need some wine?

Me: God, yes!

Jon: Cheese. I meant cheese. Daddy ruined the joke. You want cheese with that whine?

Destroy: I want wine.

Jon: Please don’t say that at school tomorrow.

Me: Can I still have the wine?


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4 Responses to Whine and Cheese

  1. Tatum

    Is Destroy related to my Kellen? He normally BEGs for Kyle to drop him off at school, but the one day that Kyle does so I can get Owen to an appointment, “I DONT want Daddy to take me. I want Mommy to take me.” Today, we returned to normal of me taking him and then it was, “I DONT want you to take me. I want Daddy to take me.” What time is too early for wine?

  2. Dalia

    Tova loves her beer and wine…we are in so much trouble

  3. Hillary

    This cracked me up! My twins will be four soon. At the Pre-K party the teachers (much to my horror) served the kids Sprite. Baby A said, “Is this kid soda or grown up soda?” Grown Up Soda is code for wine at our house.

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