Three Hat Day

Today was a three hat day.

Several weeks ago I went hat shopping with a friend and purchased a lovely Easter bonnet. Shortly thereafter, I acquired an adorable black and white plaid pageboy cap to go with the muppets Sunday best.

For my baby shower (welcome home muppet shower), we got a ballcap with a sheriff badge for our little mini-mes. On Christmas, Uncle Paul and Aunt Steph presented the muppets with their very own USC Lil’ Trojan hat.

And to go with all our spiffy new hats, “Three Hat Day,” a Reading Rainbow classic, is our newest acquisition and favorite quirky love story. I’ll be sure to post pictures of us reading together in our Easter hats.

Yesterday, I wore my fancy Easter bonnet to High Tea – to celebrate my girlfriends upcoming wedding. I now understand why little girls have tea parties, we had a blast – a combination of little girls playing dress up and adults enjoying a cultured afternoon out. (You know, that in-between is where I live my life. I’m a grownup with my own family now, yet so often I feel like I’m still that 10-year-old girl imagining what my life will eventually be like.) But since I’m not likely to have many tea parties with my sons, I indulge with my girlfriends. And I do so in fun hats.

At some point during the crumpet course, the conversation turned to millinery fashion. The consensus was a general enthusiasm for headwear, but also met with concern on when was the appropriate time to wear them.

“Whenever you want,” I announced.

It takes a certain personality to flaunt a fancy hat. People will look at you. And you will likely be one of only a few (if that many) sporting the style. But I say embrace it. Wear what makes you happy and strut your stuff. Embrace what makes you happy.

After tea, we hit the hat shop. I picked up a casual hat to hide from the sun and a much fancier headband with very large bow. Thank you, Kate Middleton, for the inspiration.

Search was wearing his sheriff hat. When we returned home, Search immediately pulled himself and stood grinning back at me. With his jeans, rugby shirt and ballcap, my baby boy fully looked the part of a little boy.

How quickly time passes us by. I am no longer the little girl feeling all grown up because I have double digits in my age. And my babies are growing up before my eyes – showing off their personalities at every turn. (Or showing off their ninja skills when Dad decides to affix a sock to their shaking head.)

In the coming weeks, (as we approach the muppets first birthday) you can expect to see a significant number of anniversary posts. This past year was certainly one for the record books, and I plan to relive many of the moments. I do hope you’ll journey back down the rabbit hole with me.

This weekend I enjoyed a tea party with my girlfriends and attended a friend’s first birthday pirate party. The muppets were dressed up in their best buccaneer baby gear and they crawled around and giggled. This weekend last year was Easter. I spent that weekend shopping for baby gear. Everything was still on track for normal.

G.G. had sent a fuzzy bunny along with See’s candy (oh, how I miss thee Mary See…) Jon put together our newly acquired infant carriers and we practiced strapping the bunny in tight. We had no idea of the adventures to come.

Who knew that a year later I’d be waxing poetic about hats…


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3 Responses to Three Hat Day

  1. Holly

    Very nice post. We should be in bed. We have important people to look after tomorrow!

  2. Joanne Hamann

    I was thinking of Kate Middleton too – it was a nice post – and I agree, wear hats and have fun!

  3. Winifred Ahern

    How fun!! Tea parties and Easter bonnets! A far cry from Pirates’ celebrations! This should certainly be an exciting “First Easter” for the Muppets” G.G.

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