The Next Generation of Chippendales


Nap time was an adventure. Instead of cooperating, Destroy decided to strip.

Destroy: <Takes off shirt. Giggles. Hands shirt to my friend.> Put back on. I cold. <Repeat>


Me: Can we just have a moment around the fact that my son appears to have a 6-pack?

Friend: It kind of freaks me out.

Destroy: I cold! I cold!

Me: Great. I’m raising the next generation of Chip n Dales.

Friend: Hahaha. At least he’ll be able to afford a reeally nice old people’s home for you and Jon. With good entertainment.


Friend: This is getting blogged isn’t it.

Me: Is he chewing on his shoes?

Friend: This nap time is more like who can make who go crazy first.

Me: Great. I’ll keep an eye out for the next round of Hand, Foot, Mouth disease.

Destroy: RAWWR!

Friend: Good luck with that. He’s all yours.

Destroy: Pocket posey. ALL FALL DOWN!

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  1. Dalia

    When Tova doesn’t want to nap she takes off all her clothes too (sometime even her diaper for an extra special treat!)

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