The Jungle Cruise

Hello everyone, and welcome aboard the Jungle Cruise. My name is Mom, and I’ll be your skipper, guide, social director and educational instructor for the next three months and 18 years.

Knock, knock… Who’s there? Safari… Safari Who? Safari, so good. Let’s get this cruise started. (Yes, folks, I did grow up in So. Cal. And I spent numerous minutes traversing the treacherous (humor) on the wild waters Jungle Cruise loop at Disneyland.)

As I mentioned weeks ago, our nursery is adopting a jungle theme. The (obviously bored) prior owners of our house had a two-year-old and four-month-old son and had painted a full bedroom mural. All four walls are adorned with grasses, trees and sky; one of the trees completes the décor with the image of Hobbes (from the duo of Calvin and) peering down from a tree branch.

During our Easter weekend quest for baby gear, I fell in love with the Lambs & Ivy “Coco Tails” bedding set. Complete with lions and tigers and bears (oh my!), they boys will be able to bond with giraffes, elephants and monkeys – all too appropriate, I fear. Their quilt even has a tortoise! (Did anyone really think I’d pass up a way to incorporate my favorite shelled reptile?)

We currently have the cribs, a dresser, futon (for all their “sleep”overs) and a glider on the way. I’m thinking the only other item we need is a toy chest. Jon remarked today that we may already have a few too many stuffed animals. Funny thing, those animals – those are just the ones I’ve acquired recently. I may have neglected to mention the seven or eight bins still stored in my parents garage…

And now, probably the most dangerous part of our journey – the return to civilization! I certainly hope you’ve enjoyed our cruise. I suppose in not too much time we’ll also need to take a look at other baby needs, such as clothing and perhaps some diapers. But by gosh, their bedroom is ready for their arrival!

However, if your in-laws are still staying with you, you’ve missed a golden opportunity. Bring them back later tonight for our “in-law” special… halfway for half fare, no questions asked. <Insert bad joke sound effect here.>

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