Six Months and Determined to Wait Three More

I am rapidly approaching the end of the second trimester. Best part about this? Means the boys are still bouncing about on the inside!

Today’s doctor appointment revealed that the twins are moving and shaking exactly as they should be. I went to the appointment and returned back home on the SAME DAY!!! (And yes, the exclamation points were very necessary.)

Such good news, combined with the gorgeous weather that’s rolled in for the weekend, inspired us to document the pregnancy at 25 weeks. As of last week, the boys weigh 1lb. 6oz. each.

Jon thinks I look “ridiculously huge” and “gigantic.” Considering I’m carrying two little troublemakers, I actually think I’m still rather small. This is a good thing since my books and legions of medical care providers tell me babies pretty much do nothing but get bigger from this point on.

CLARIFICATION: Jon did not mean I looked bad or big overall – his comments refer to the size of my tummy.


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2 Responses to Six Months and Determined to Wait Three More

  1. Mom

    Very pretty picture. No, you do not look huge at all. Now, go lie down

  2. Nancy

    Whoo hoo! Almost to my weight of 1 lb 11 ozs!
    Congratulations that your appointment was an “appointment-and-immediately- back-home” expedition.

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