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Winecone Wednesday – Measure Twice Cut Once Edition

Fear not. I didn’t forget this week. But I was preoccupied with the furniture.

I’m doing this writer thing now. So I decided it was time for a new office setup. A nice cozy writers enclave to craft my well told stories (and throw winecones). Pottery Barn desk I’ve coveted for 10 years – thou art mine!

Except, well, I didn’t measure the dimensions correctly. So while I got everything all set up (and it TOTALLY looks adorable), it didn’t really go together with the ease I had imagined, which then led to having to redo the husband’s section of the office. Continue reading


Winecone Wednesday – Lady Killer Edition

I went to pick up my little dudes from daycare today. It was an experience – to say the least.

I walked toward the play yard. A little blond girl yelled across the walkway, “Look Mommy! My Destroy’s mommy!” I reached the sandbox. A little blond girl threw her arms around Destroy before rushing her mom with another bear hug. I told the boys to say goodbye to their friends. Destroy pretty much copped a feel as he hugged his girlfriend goodbye. Continue reading


Wineconed Wednesday – Easter Edition

It’s Holy Week. Or, if you don’t subscribe to that particular theme of afterlife happenings, it’s just about time for CHOCOLATE BUNNIES!

Just about a decade ago (good grief did time go by quickly), my grandmother and I decided to tackle Lent together. We gave up chocolate. The night before Easter, I stayed up until midnight – watching the seconds tick by until the moment I could maim my milk chocolate rabbit and devour his ears.

I’m looking forward to those ears. That’s right – I’m staring you down golden-foiled See’s bunny. Continue reading


Wineconed Wednesday – Route 66 Edition

I’m traveling this week. I’m in Orlando – home of Walt Disney World and Harry Potter Land. And. I. Will. Not. See. Either. (Work travel – a whole winecone unto itself.)


It’s a work trip. So I have actual work to do here. I tried to convince a colleague to play hooky and experience the magic with me. He said no. I know – I was just as shocked as you are. So with a whip of my wand to conjure mouse-eared winecones at my so-close yet so-far situation – let’s get to it. Continue reading


Wineconed Wednesday – I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good Edition

Are you reading A Nervous Tic Motion Yet? You should be. I write a weekly column there – Wineconed Wednesdays. You know you want to throw some. And I would really love for you to join in! 

I was perusing the interwebs this morning and saw this fabulous tidbit by Left in the Dark:

My 7yr old niece decided to have her Bday party today. Invited 30 kids over for a costume party and her mom found out when the doorbell rang. Apparently she had put a lot of thought into it because she had printed out invitations & everything. Did I mention it was a costume party? Her parents are freaking out because they’re convinced they are raising a con artist. I find it hilarious!

Continue reading

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