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(Last updated in 2014. No promises any of these links still work.)

Mom for the Holidays:
Stories of Love, Laughter & Tantrums at Christmas & Hanukkah
Available Dec. 11, 2014.
Pre-order your Kindle copy now!
Little Joey Was Afraid of the Dark

Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor
1922061_10153344909607796_8797267447843678807_nAdventures in Potty Training
Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness:
Funny Stories by Sleepy Moms
Get it now!
The BlogHer Voices of the Year: 2012Get it now!
AlliOSNewsTechMom Tuesday Column
ABC NewsDepression During Pregnancy: Weighing Risks, Benefits of SSRIs
Migraines Linked to Depression in Women
(Featured Post)
The Uprising: When Toys Come to Life
(Voices of the Year Honoree)
Visual Honoree: This is Prematurity
Momma Be Thy Name
(now Stephanie Bernaba)
Superheroes and Sidekicks
Preemie Babies 101Tricia’s Story
(March 2012 Print Issue)
7 Things Never to Say to a Woman... at 6 a.m.
The Infertility Voice
(Voices of PCOS series)
Voices of PCOS: Tricia’s Story – PCOS (Or Why I’m Obsessed With Polka Dots)
What the Flicka?The Uprising...
xoJaneIt Happened to Me: I had Post-Partum PTSD
Huffington Post named xoJane essay to ParenthesisParenthesis: The Best of the Mom and Dad Blogs This Week

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