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Three Years Gone By


I spent this morning’s commute trying to explain to my sons the concept of death. Continue reading

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Sorry, Had to Go See About a Ball



I died on a Tuesday.

I was old. My once golden fur had long since faded to white. My joints ached. My body hurt. The seizures were robbing my mind of more of me every day.

I’d wandered the backyard. I tossed my tire rope to myself for a while. I chased my ball. I remembered being a younger pup; I could play fetch for hours, rest for a few moments and hit the grounds for more. Continue reading


A Year Gone By


It was 6 a.m. The phone rang.

I knew.

I answered.

“Grandma passed away last night.”

I didn’t cry.

I got the boys ready for school. I got ready for work. I followed my routine. It was Jan. 22, 2012. Continue reading


Little Talks

Winnie Welker Ahern: July 27, 1925 – Jan. 22, 2012

Today is Uncle Paul’s 29th birthday. It should be G.G’87th. I miss her. And I miss our little talks. Continue reading


A Grateful Granddaughter

Winifred Anne Welker Ahern
July 27, 1925 – January 22, 2012

As the Year of the Dragon commences, Grandma Winnie has left our world – turning control of our family to her own Dragon daughter. Continue reading