The muppets have been in daycare for a month. Three days into this adventure, they got the sniffles. “It’s gonna come quick and it’s gonna hit hard,” their teacher warned.

Early this week, a clingy Search was deposited in Daddy’s arms. “He’s a little toasty and he just doesn’t seem himself,” the teachers informed us.

I don't feel so good.

Search was sick. He had a significantly runny nose and a fever. Although, it occurs to me, born at 27 weeks at 2 pounds – his first fever at 15 months isn’t bad. Being the paranoid parents we are, Search was spirited right over to the doctor’s office.

I wasn’t present for this medical inquisition. I was at work. Of course, because I have such kind and caring kids, they shared. So I was at work, where several of my colleagues so sweetly shared, “Geez! You sound like death!” (You know, the fairytale I was told was that a girl had to kiss a lot of frogs before finding a prince. Instead, I spent this week at the frog. I blame Disney.)

Hold me Holly.

The doctor examined Search, “He has a cold.” Apparently, 100.2 doesn’t even count as a baby fever. But he stayed home from school just in case. And by “home,” I mean we called Mary Poppins (nee Holly) and begged her to take care of a sick little muppet. They spent Friday cuddling.

When Search arrived home Friday night, his fever was gone. One day with Holly and he seemed all better. She is the BABY WHISPERER. But he was a bit spoiled – Search seemed cranky and whiney confused when no one was holding him. “SOMEBODY CUDDLE WITH MEEEEEE!”

Luckily, GrammaJ arrived bright and early Saturday morning. Search greeted her with a giant grin, reaching out his arms to her. Destroy was a bit more suspicious at first. But, as everyone knows, there is something innately special about a grandmother. And within minutes, the muppets were entirely uninterested in me. “Yeah, ok Mom-lady. You just go ahead and leave our food out for us. We’ll be playing with GrammaJ.”

So, because it was needed, we headed off to the Art & Wine Festival. As we browsed the creative crafts and funky jewelry on display at the various booths, our fellow festival attendees bestowed the muppets with adoration. Some of them even provided some unique comments:

Lady: Oh my goodness! Look at them! Are they twins?!
Me: Yes.
Lady: Two boys?
Me: Yes.
Lady: And you carried them? Both of them?!
Me. Yes.
Lady: Wow. Women don’t recover from that.
Me: Um. Thanks?

Yeah. That’s getting added to the FAQ. (Granted, I didn’t carry them all 9 months, but I didn’t feel the need to get into the intimate details of the muppets arrival.)

Today, we decided to venture forth to a local park known for its planes, trains and automobiles carousel. (True to my nature, I couldn’t find the airplane where we were all supposed to meet, so the muppets friends all came to find us.)

Please note – when perusing the accompanying photos, that is not blood smeared across Destroy’s face. My little lion man found his way into the strawberries. (He then ate an entire roll of bread from the sandwich he wanted nothing to do with. Stay tuned for a future post on how much muppets eat.)

I'm not too sure about this...

Although a little wary at first, both boys were completely taken with the train – smiling, laughing and waving throughout the ride. After an exhilarating (read: Mommy got totally dizzy and nauseous riding around in circles) ride on the carousel, it was time to head home for a nap.

Search’s still a bit cranky. But seriously – being sick sucks. Good thing Gramma’s here.


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3 Responses to Supermen

  1. Holly

    Yay I love being the star of the Muppets post!! =D It’s all about ME you know!

  2. Joanne Hamann

    Yeah for Holly – haven’t even met you and I still love you!!!! – except it’s also all about Aunt J!!!

  3. Winifred Ahern

    What a fun day at the Park. And those comments –are they twins? I do love the Blogs G.G.

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