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The Saga of Destroy and the Goose

Do not be fooled.

Do not be fooled.

Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way: geese are assholes.

Yesterday I posted a picture (see above) of the moment just before Destroy got bit by brethren of the aforementioned foul fowl. Here’s the full story. Continue reading

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In Judgment of Other Parents


I think I’m supposed to begin this post with the cliché disclaimer of, “I don’t like to judge…” or “Far be it from me to comment on another parent…” but that’s exactly what I plan to do. So. Gird your loins – I’m about to get judgey up in here. Continue reading

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Incident at the Park


The sultry siren song of a summertime weekend made me do it. It was 5 p.m. on Friday night and still 80 degrees out. Music in the Park was calling our name. It was the perfect recipe for an evening out – we’d hit up the local sandwich shop and run the energy off on the slides.

And as in an environment as such, the more the merrier – some friends decided to join us. Continue reading


The Riverfront Carousel


One of the more challenging aspects of a small town vacation with rambunctious newly minted 4-year-olds is finding an intellectually stimulating activity that will still drain the preschoolers of a good deal of energy.

To the park! Continue reading


Bike Ride Boondoggle


It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning. The blue skies called for us to get out of the house. What a perfect day for a bike ride through the nearby open space preserve to visit the local working farm – the animals would surely be out soaking up the winter warmth and socializing with their human admirers. A picture perfect idyllic family moment.

We loaded up the bikes and clamored into the car – Destroy already donning his helmet in preparation.

Apparently a good number of others had the same idea. The tiny parking lots were packed. We circled. So Jon dropped me and the boys off at the trail head and set off to procure parking. This is where our stories diverge. Continue reading


I Let My Son Fall

Naptime hadn’t gone so well. The natives were getting restless in the living room. So we ventured forth into the great outdoors and headed toward the park.

Sadly, our local neighborhood corner park was infested by middle-school-age heathens – who thought it was just hilarious to stuff themselves into the bucket swings and squeeze down the toddler slides. Continue reading



The muppets have been in daycare for a month. Three days into this adventure, they got the sniffles. “It’s gonna come quick and it’s gonna hit hard,” their teacher warned.

Early this week, a clingy Search was deposited in Daddy’s arms. “He’s a little toasty and he just doesn’t seem himself,” the teachers informed us. Continue reading


When Mommy’s Away, The Muppets Will Play

A snippet sampling of what the muppets have been up to:

Continue reading

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