Rubber Ducky You’re the One

Well, let’s be serious – obviously no actual rubber duckies were involved. They’re about the same size as our pint-sized water baby.

Search had a bath earlier this week. This wasn’t his first foray into the suds, but it was the first such adventure with Mom and Dad. He is one slippery little dude. But it is clear that he is a fan of the water. Someday I bet it will only take one parent to bathe the baby, but for now it takes two (and the added advice from the nurse).

First, you wash the babies hair. My babies have lots of hair – enough to visibly have bed head. I have never seen Search looking so relaxed. He remained calm and cozy in his blanket while we massaged his little head. His body language clearly expressing the thought, “Yes, they all cater to ME.”

They all cater to ME

After ensuring the quality of his luxurious locks, we lowered the little man into his tub. Ever the fan of his food, he assisted by holding tightly to his feeding tube. One of us held the slippery squirmer as best we could and the other applied soap and water. I have no doubt that as he gets older, splashing will be de rigueur when it comes to bath time.

We did have to endure a bit of screaming. At first I thought he was scared or getting too much stimulation. But one of the bath rituals in the NICU involves removing the sensors. Since they’re attached with stickers, I imagine this part of tub time is a lot like having multiple band-aids ripped off. Yeah, I’d be cranky too.

Search – I apologize now. I’m sure you will be less than thrilled with these photos when you’re older. And I promise to take photos of Destroy’s first bath with Mom and Dad as well. Because who in the world could resist such precious soggy bottom boys.

During his prior dunking, the never satisfied to be still Search, gripped the sides of his tub so tightly that his nurse had a dickens of a time prying him loose. He then attempted to stand up. Search’s aqua affinity from his bathing adventures present three possibilities: (1) You are currently reading about the next Michael Phelps, (2) Search feels his crawling efforts are beneath him and it’s time to walk or (3) how difficult could it really be to walk on water?


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4 Responses to Rubber Ducky You’re the One

  1. Joanne Hamann

    Isn’t that just the cutest little baby butt you’ve ever seen?? Sounds like a lot of work – glad there were 3 of you! It gets easier when they can sit up in the tub. Good job mom and dad!

  2. Gramma Janet

    Whoa, he looks really slippery! Glad to know he wants to hold on for dear life! Smart lad already! I always put the tub on the floor – guess one cant do that in the NICU 🙂

  3. Winifred Ahern

    Gosh, that looks scary — it’s good you get to practice with help standing by. I was terrified the first time I had to bathe Janet — it gets easier with practice G.G.

  4. Michelle Gunderson

    Look at you guys, such pros already.
    Search has a very cute lil butt.

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