Putting up with Pullups


Destroy marched proudly into his classroom with a new pack of pull-ups for summer session at school. Search followed clutching the brown paper bag with breakfast – bananas and yogurt.

His teacher laughed at me when I arrived later for pickup. Search wants nothing to do with this potty training gig.

“No. I only potty at home. I don’t wear pull-ups. I only wear diapers.” Kid has a stubborn streak in him. (But I’ve still got 30 years experience on the little dude.)

Meanwhile Destroy burst out of the Room 3 bathroom, sans diaper and his pants around his ankles.

Destroy: Mommy! I peed in the potty. And I washed my hands! <Waves hands at me>
Me: You forgot your pants.
Destroy: <pointing down> No I didn’t. They’re right there.

Of course this was the night I wrapped up my two soggy bottom boys from bath and discovered we were out of diapers.


I made an executive decision. We would buy no more.

Don’t get me wrong, we weren’t about to get crazy and abandon all disposable items.

I’ve heard of the “3 Day Potty Training” tactic – ceremoniously dump all diapers and just watch your kid like a hawk. But I’ve had enough pooper-scooper duty lately. (It’s fruit season and our canine companions have been consuming the fallen fruit en masse. That shit shellacs itself to the fake grass. But I digress. And you’re disgusted.)

From here on out it was pull-ups or bust.

Search was gonna be pissed. “I need the white diaper. With big Elmo.” And that would be that.

So I tried to convince him of the allure. Look – your brother’s wearing pull-ups! To add to the excitement, at bath time Destroy ripped the Velcro sides of his cool touch Cars pull-ups and ripped them off – shimmying out of them like a little chip-n-dale dancer in training.

Search wasn’t sold.

I ripped the side tabs off a new Monsters Inc. pull up and laid it flat.

“Look! It’s a diaper now.”

He looked at me skeptically. But acquiesced when I distracted him with a shiny Mickey sticker.

I hit the diapers.com website post haste. Sometimes people need to splurge and treat themselves to something nice.


I bought enough pull-ups to make sure we never run out again.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post in any way. Although I kinda wish it was, because I think I just spent several paychecks to clear out Huggies current inventory supply. Running out of diapers is terrifying.




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2 Responses to Putting up with Pullups

  1. Gramma J

    This reminds me of when you would not give up your pacifier “pluggy”. It was confined to the bed. When you started climbing into bed constantly so that you could chew on it, it was time for that thing to go. So, I dropped it down the stairs and lo and behold – it was broken. I made sure you did not go to the store with me after that.
    Also, you were off the bottle once I “forgot” it after our trip to Italy.

  2. Lord, potty training. My son was super easy really. My daughter, not-so-much. She will only go on the princess potty. She will only go if the princess potty is planted in front of a television playing either Dora or Mickey. Then she must be given a pink Tic-Tac as a reward.
    I sent the princess potty to my mom’s with the kids yesterday and today. She got her to poop in the potty. The grandmother magic.

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