Muppet Shoes (Surprisingly Not a Metaphor)

Oh. My. God.

Muppet geeks can get their kicks a little greener this fall, as adidas releases its new Superstar II sneaker inspired by Kermit the Frog, the Muppets most visible front man. The Kermit the Frog – Adidas Superstar II shoes feature a white leather and patent upper, with a white toe box and green rubber outsole. Running along one of the green leather stripes are the words “The Original Hip Hop.” The shoe’s tongue hangs a version of Kermit’s fringed collar.

I found them in Little Kid sizes.

Curses! Too big for the muppets, too small for me…

My friend Michelle: Get them anyway. They will grow into them sooner than you think.

My friend Amber: Yup. Buy anyway.

This was obviously sage advice. I should buy the shoes.

Then my friend Gina, also known as mother of her own twinkie brigade shared, “Haha – we have those in Kermit and Fozzy Bear ;)”

I must have these shoes! I turned to the knower-of-all things. I googled. And voila! Toddler shoes! Kermit, Fozzie, Animal and Gonzo. Squeeeee!!!

Kermit – the original hip hop. I mean, COME ON, how can you resist that?

I debated Animal’s black chain “wild one” high tops. Fozzie was seriously cute, but lined with pink fleece. They can pick out pink shoes later life if they so desire. So, in honor of the recent bloody nose, we got Gonzo. Shooting himself out of a cannon a la Gonzo the Great seems like something Destroy would do for a laugh.

I have procured muppet shoes!!!

And then I discovered something amazing. They totally have adult muppet shoes!

Alas, the powers that be decreed that only men sizes 8-15 should have grown up Kermit shoes.

Guys (sized 8-15), you can thank me later.

Jon looked at me. You really would have bought those wouldn’t you. (It wasn’t really a question.)

Are you kidding me?! I would wear the heck out of those shoes!

Jon: Sigh…

When delivery day finally came, UPS hid the shoes around the side of our house – behind the trash cans, wedged below our recycling bin. It was the great Muppet caper just trying to find them!

I knew these were amazingly awesome from the start. We’ll be at the park with our new kicks if you need us.

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