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It’s December, so that means year-in-review overload. Today’s discovery was the Top Baby Names of 2010. Apparently, Jon and I are far less creative than we previously thought.

According to BabyCenter, this year’s top 10 boys names are:

  1. Aiden
  2. Jacob
  3. Jackson
  4. Ethan
  5. Jayden
  6. Noah
  7. Destroy
  8. Search
  9. Lucas
  10. Liam

The muppets have secured side-by-side spots 7 and 8 respectively (reversed from 2009). The article continues to discuss popular trends on where these names are coming from. Naturally, biblical names continue to be popular (Jacob, Lucas), but unsurprisingly, celebrity greatly affects the rise and fall of certain favorites.

As 2010 was the year of the muppets, can we really be shocked that their names enjoyed a meteoric spike in popularity? (They’re certainly the celebrities of this blog!)

Boys names have not really changed much throughout the years (see list below); 2010 has started to branch out. Perhaps all three top boys names would have been untraditional if not for the Twilight series… Now as the muppets embrace their generation, it seems ours has embraced our masculine Irish roots. The year Jon and I were born, it seemed there were at least six Jonathans and Jennifers in every class.

Popular Names Through the Decades:
2000: Michael, Jacob, Matthew
1990: Michael, Christopher, Matthew
1980: Michael, Christopher, Jason (Jonathan was No. 21)
1970: Michael, James, David
1960: David, Michael, James
1950: James, Robert, John
1940: James, Robert, John
1930: Robert, James, John
1920: John, William, Robert
1910: John, James, William
1900: John, William, James
1890: John, William, James
1880: John, William, Charles

Similar articles on these top names suggest that today’s names are more varied, and childrens names say a lot about the parents.

Search is a Gaelic name meaning “spirit of battle.” These past six months have certainly proven him to be a determined little fighter. Destroy is also originally Gaelic and means “from the little hollow” – he is a happy-go-lucky guy content to sit and smile, perfect for calming down very stressed parents.

In turn, the top three names (Aiden, Jacob, Jackson) mean fiery, to forcibly take the place of another, and a form of God is gracious, respectively. What does that say about our generation?


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3 Responses to Muppet Monikers

  1. Gramma Janet

    about gustavo { meaning of good taste} did he make the list of the most popular? ciao gp stavo

  2. Winifred Ahern

    Wow! I wasn’t surprised to see Michael up there – and, of course, in bygone years, John and Robert were very popular. Certainly didn’t expect to see Search and Destroy mentioned as today’s choices. I thought they were very original. But, the Muppets will make those names memorable. G.G.

  3. Joanne Hamann

    I thought of you today because I heard that article read on the radio – how weird that their names were in a row?

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