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Aw Coconuts! (Swear Words and Small People)


I rolled up to preschool, prepared to wrap up the week with what would ideally be a quick trip – minimal accident/incident reports and less than a crooked number of potty-related costume changes.

Destroy was sitting sullenly against the playground fence. He didn’t move when he saw me, which could mean only one thing. Time out.

One of the teachers solemnly approached me. “Destroy is in trouble for calling our friend a VERY bad word. We had a long talk about it and now he’s sitting down to think about what he did wrong.” Continue reading


Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of Mistaken Identity

Teacher: Where is… Emma?

Emma: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Jamison?

Jamison: <Giggles and points to self>

Teacher: Where is…Destroy?

Destroy: <Confused look> Hi!

Teacher: Where is Destroy? Are you Destroy?

Destroy: <Looks thoughtfully at his teacher, toddles over toward Search>

Search: Sigh. <Points forcefully at Destroy with exasperated expression>

Destroy: <Happily points back at Search>

Teacher: That’s Search. *You’re* Destroy.

Destroy: No. Brother.


What’s My Name Again?

I am pleased to share that after this past week’s adventures in p-neumonia, cadet has now been prescribed Amoxicillin. (You ever feel we’re facing a future where many of the greatest great band names will come be the direct result of Auto Correct? I can see it now: Cadet – with lead guitarist, Search Stream.) Continue reading


Great Band Names (and other things I never thought I’d say)

Musicality is embedded in my genes. My grandfather was a Big Band guitarist. My cousin is a budding saxophoning phenom. I played piano and fancied myself a budding composer until retiring as a starving artist in fifth grade when Mrs. Soyster moved to San Francisco.

Tangent: Isn’t every child forced to take piano lessons until age 10? In other news, we have a piano in our house now. And both a right- and left-handed guitar – electric and acoustic. And I bought a drum set for my friend’s 2-year old (because being on hospital lockdown makes you find odd ways of amusing yourself  do crazy things). Surprisingly, she still talks to me. But I digress… Continue reading


Search and Destroy

Back when I was just a normal pregnant woman, waddling around with healthy gestating twins, Grandma Nancy nicknamed the future muppets Search and Destroy.

Prescient. Continue reading

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What Did You Call Me?

The term “Muppet” first appeared on the scene in 1956. Allegedly, Jim Henson combined the words “Marionette” and “puppet.” Although another source claims it was just something he liked the sound of, and he made up the “marionette/puppet” story while talking to a journalist because it sounded plausible. I’ll buy both versions.

At 6:26 a.m. on that fateful day in May, as medical personnel scurried about prepping an OR, Jon posted a cryptic status update on Facebook. “It’s time to play the music/It’s time to light the lights/It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight!”

The nickname stuck.

Continue reading


In Honor of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I have a warm spot in my heart for today, as I consider it my personal patron saint day. (Patricia being the feminine form of Patrick.)

Never a traditionalist, I do not celebrate my holiday with tepid green beer, corned beef or cabbage. (For those wondering why – yuck.) I do, however, wear green. For many years, I also had a cute little button featuring a leprechaun stuck in the ground proudly proclaiming, “I’ve got Irish roots!” And I do.

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Muppet Monikers

It’s December, so that means year-in-review overload. Today’s discovery was the Top Baby Names of 2010. Apparently, Jon and I are far less creative than we previously thought.

According to BabyCenter, this year’s top 10 boys names are:

  1. Aiden
  2. Jacob
  3. Jackson
  4. Ethan
  5. Jayden
  6. Noah
  7. Destroy
  8. Search
  9. Lucas
  10. Liam

The muppets have secured side-by-side spots 7 and 8 respectively (reversed from 2009). The article continues to discuss popular trends on where these names are coming from. Naturally, biblical names continue to be popular (Jacob, Lucas), but unsurprisingly, celebrity greatly affects the rise and fall of certain favorites.

As 2010 was the year of the muppets, can we really be shocked that their names enjoyed a meteoric spike in popularity? (They’re certainly the celebrities of this blog!)

Boys names have not really changed much throughout the years (see list below); 2010 has started to branch out. Perhaps all three top boys names would have been untraditional if not for the Twilight series… Now as the muppets embrace their generation, it seems ours has embraced our masculine Irish roots. The year Jon and I were born, it seemed there were at least six Jonathans and Jennifers in every class.

Popular Names Through the Decades:
2000: Michael, Jacob, Matthew
1990: Michael, Christopher, Matthew
1980: Michael, Christopher, Jason (Jonathan was No. 21)
1970: Michael, James, David
1960: David, Michael, James
1950: James, Robert, John
1940: James, Robert, John
1930: Robert, James, John
1920: John, William, Robert
1910: John, James, William
1900: John, William, James
1890: John, William, James
1880: John, William, Charles

Similar articles on these top names suggest that today’s names are more varied, and childrens names say a lot about the parents.

Search is a Gaelic name meaning “spirit of battle.” These past six months have certainly proven him to be a determined little fighter. Destroy is also originally Gaelic and means “from the little hollow” – he is a happy-go-lucky guy content to sit and smile, perfect for calming down very stressed parents.

In turn, the top three names (Aiden, Jacob, Jackson) mean fiery, to forcibly take the place of another, and a form of God is gracious, respectively. What does that say about our generation?


What’s in a Name?

The neonatologists at Kaiser’s NICU are all fabulous. They are dedicated to making sure our little ones are getting the best care. They always take the time to stop and talk about the boys progress when they see us – despite having a specialty focused on little tiny babies who can’t talk back.

Search and Destroy’s doctors always seem to be in a good mood when they come to check out the twins. Naturally, they must be smiling because of how well the twins are doing and how special they are.

Mostly, I’m impressed with their ability to communicate with super stressed out parents. And for the past week and a half, they have continuously reassured us that, even though watching our sons struggle, they are doing well and will eventually outgrow their allegedly minor issues. (Breathing still seems to be a relatively major issue in my book – but I’m not a tiny baby specialist.)

Throughout it all, the doctors have kept their sense of humor. After each test, our current attending physician Dr. Yuri Knauer will explain what they’ve just looked at and what it means. Last Friday, after a standard brain ultrasound, Dr. Knauer nonchalantly started washing his hands, looked over his shoulder and asked, “So has anyone given you the good news about the brain scans yet?” And each day, Dr. Knauer has ended our conversation with, “So, nothing to worry about. They’re just still tiny.” He’s always smiling – positive and reassuring even when the info doesn’t sound good to me at all.

When Search and Destroy were two days old, we met Dr. McOmber. Again with the smiles, he inquired if the boys had names other than “Stream, Male Twin A” and the equally original “Stream, Male Twin B.” I was more than happy to educate him. After having kept the twins names a secret for so long, I felt everyone should know the NICU’s newest star residents by name.

Gesturing to the little man I was visiting with, I introduced “Stream, Male Twin B” as our little Destroy. Dr. McOmber paused. Then with a giant goofy grin, he pointed to his nametag saying, “Heyyyyy, that’s MY name!” I was pleased; added incentive to make sure his namesake patient thrived.

Yesterday, Dr. Yuri was giving his daily report to Dr. Destroy as the NICU transitioned from the day shift over to night. Dr. Yuri started to explain how Destroy was doing. Then he stopped. With a slow turn and sly grin he peered over at Dr. Destroy. “Did you have something to do with his name?”

Dr. Destroy very rightly noted that the shared name is awesome. Which is, unsurprisingly enough, precisely why we picked it. Jon joked that Destroy probably isn’t the most popular name in Dr. Yuri’s native Russia. “Only girly boys,” retorted the doctor.

Which was pretty funny considering he followed that statement up by letting us know that Yuri is quite popular in Russia – it’s a form of George, meaning farmer. But apparently, Yuri is also quite popular in Japan. It’s a girl’s name there, meaning lily.

In that short exchange, the doctors got Jon and I smiling and feeling quite at ease. It certainly helped that Dr. Yuri finished his report, concluding, “So, no big deal – they’re easy boys.”

Search, the burrito baby

Destroy (with a CPAP)

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Press Release: Birthday Boys

And Babies Make Six…
The Stream Family Welcomes Twin Boys


SANTA CLARA, Calif., – May 29, 2010 – Yesterday, Jonathan and Tricia Stream, parents, welcomed twin baby boys into the world at Kasier Santa Clara. Search Welker and Destroy Anthony were delivered at 27.4 weeks by a stellar medical staff of more than 15 professionals, including surgeons, perinatologists, anesthesiologists, nurses and an individual pediatric team for both boys. Continue reading