Lenten Finale

Easter has arrived. That means Lent has come and gone. Forty days and 40 nights without dessert. Easter morning arrived and I admittedly tore into my little bag of happiness before the muppets could rend their path of destruction through their basket of new toys.

Happy Easter!

Stay tuned for tales (pun intended) of our Easter extravaganza. The giant bunny was good to us. Now I languish in a sugar coma, mourning the rapid death of my See’s Chocolate Bunny, while the muppets cuddle with their fluffy new friends.

Bunny down...


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3 Responses to Lenten Finale

  1. Holly

    Don’t think I hadn’t noticed the boxes of See’s on that shelf…calling my name…

  2. Joanne Hamann

    Look out Holly, she’ll fight you for it… we in this family are mean, passionate and possessive about our See’s – I pictured you beheading the bunny at midnight Tricia!

  3. Winifred Ahern

    Congratulations Tricia on completing your “40 day fast from sweets” What a lovely Easter you had with all the trimmings — baskets, chocolates, fluffy bunnies — Could there be any more adorable “Muppets” ?- such precious pictures — they seem to have more hair in each photo session. Cuter every day. G.G.

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