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When Easter Recipes Go Wrong

Easter Eggs_Hidden_04-20-14

Being the good Catholic I am, my favorite Easter tradition is the satisfactory decapitation of a chocolate bunny – savoring the severed ears before reaching the hollow portion of the melty rabbit.

Being the adoring mother that I am, I had a strong desire to pass this tradition down to my children. I hopped (pun intended) right online, poised to order a selection of milk chocolate cottontails from See’s. Horror of horrors, they were sold out of the glowing golden aluminum-wrapped treats. Continue reading

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Easter. Spring. The season of rebirth and renewal.

Santa Clara_Wisteria_03-24-13

The sun may be hiding, but its warmth is out in force. So on Saturday, I convinced one of the muppets to head outdoors with me. He wanted to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I thought there’d been enough TV time for the day. So – Yoho No. Continue reading

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Easters with the Muppets


Happy Easter. May the sunshine of spring reappear for everyone very soon. Continue reading


The Easter Bunny

Happy Easter

I’ll save you the ears, Grandma Winnie.

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Our First Easter

Easter symbolizes a time of rebirth. Springtime returns and the flora and fauna are resurrected from beneath the frozen ground. (Granted, this metaphor has a lot more impact in a location with actual seasons.) Continue reading


Lenten Finale

Easter has arrived. That means Lent has come and gone. Forty days and 40 nights without dessert. Easter morning arrived and I admittedly tore into my little bag of happiness before the muppets could rend their path of destruction through their basket of new toys. Continue reading


Sweet Surrender

Today is Ash Wednesday. The Easter bunny will arrive in 46 days. ‘Tis the season for sacrifice.

Just about a decade ago (good grief did time go by quickly), G.G. and I decided to tackle Lent together. We gave up chocolate. The night before Easter, I stayed up until midnight – watching the seconds tick by until the moment I could maim my milk chocolate rabbit and devour his ears.

Last year, I didn’t give up anything. I figured I’d already given up enough to comply with pregnancy rules. And that which I had not voluntarily given up because of potential danger for my unborn children, my body spent the first trimester (including Lent) rejecting in a projectile fashion.

But this year, I felt that I should honor the vast amount of prayer lists the muppets and I spent months on. My boys are home and healthy, so in the grand scheme of the universe my Lenten sacrifice is not much to give up.

But just in case, I’m posting my promise publicly. Maybe that will make it easier to stick with it throughout the next 46 days.

This season, I decided to relinquish my desserts and junk food.

Perhaps it will make me more zen-like and serene. Perhaps it will result in a number of “oh my God, I need chocolate in the way the muppets needed air!” posts. Either way, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find me at an Easter vigil mass, staring down the clock, with See’s assorted chocolates stashed in my Easter bonnet.

And in case it wasn’t clear, back slowly away from my rabbit ears…