Goodnight Steve

Steve Jobs: 1955-2011
Goodnight Steve. You are the Walt Disney of my generation; your magic will live on.

On the great Infinite Loop
there was a computer
And a black turtleneck

And the vision of–
The innovator reaching for the moon
and there were three little iPhones, on their smartphone thrones
and two little iPods having become the music gods
and a little Macbook Air and a young cloud to share
and an idea and a dream and a risk to fail
and a simple young man who was thinking “stay foolish

Goodnight Apple
goodnight Steve
goodnight visionary reaching for the moon
goodnight Macbook and the iPad 2
goodnight iPhones
goodnight nano
goodnight Apple IIGs
goodnight iMac
goodnight sleek and simple sophistication
goodnight idea and goodnight dream
goodnight devices that make the fanboys scream
goodnight nerds
goodnight technology
and goodnight to the man who taught us to Think Different
goodnight garage, goodnight Air

goodnight Silicon Valley, and everywhere.


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  1. Michelle

    That is awesome!!

  2. That is so perfectly said. Thank you!!

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