Chicks Dig the Tough Guy

Who had January 11 in the pool for first injury?

The muppets were having an evening of backslides and nosedives down their new slide. Circle around, climb up the stairs – drive the spinning steering wheel a bit and head back down the slide. (Sometimes they break to bust a block tower.)

Destroy decided to get wild and crazy. He wiggled up to the starting gate, plopped his bottom down and shoved off – feet first. I think it was the cotton footie pajamas that enhanced his speed. Little man shot down the slide; his feet reached the floor, followed by his knees. His upper body continued over the lower portion, and with an unsettling SMACK, his nose activated Newton’s first law of motion.

Destroy was no longer in motion.

There was a pause followed by a wail. I scooped him up, ready to cuddle and dote on my wounded little bird. But thirty seconds later, Destroy was distracted by the slide’s stairs, which beckoned to him.

That’s when I noticed the blood.

It was our very first bloody nose. (I’m pretty sure this counts as a BoyMom milestone. My Jackets baseball shirt now bears blood stains I will undoubtedly add to.) And he was completely unfazed by the situation. “Let go of me! Get that confounded paper towel away from me! I’ve got toys to play with and mischief to manage!”

Apparently Casanova has figured out that chicks dig the tough guys. I’ll admit – I’m smitten.


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  1. Alex

    Oh, poor guy!

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