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Muddy Buddy 2013


First off, I would like to state this is a misnomer. There is one giant mud pit at the end – which, while fun, does not make for the dirty girl run I was expecting.

Really it was more of a Dusty Trusty. Continue reading

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Lost in Translation


Recently the wildfires that seem to be an annual occurrence in the hills and valleys around my childhood home once again reared their ugly head. I messaged my mom over chat. Continue reading


War Has Been Waged

Ants copy

I recognized the familiar rhythmic pulsing anomaly disturbing the calm of my kitchen immediately. The darkened path staining the stark white pail stored within the dingy wood cabinet.

The constant swaying motion, rapidly traveling in their distinctive trail, in and out through the abyss of the garbage disposal electrical socket – under the edges of the fraying rug, along the dusty baseboard until traversing the width of a white picketed front porch to the dirt mound rising ever so slightly among the trees and weeds. Continue reading


If Ever There Was Proof the Kid’s a Superhero


So this totally just happened. Pretty much says it all. Continue reading


The Attention Span of a Toddler


You may have noticed that most small ones have the attention span of a newt. And although I do not deem to know precisely the intentions of the diapered hamster in my son’s brain, toddling furiously upon his wheel, I’m pretty confident in asserting the thoughts are all over the place.

So today we have a guest blog of sorts. Below is an actual conversation (monologue really) as one of everyone’s favorite muppets navigated his evening. I am not making this up. Continue reading


11 Characters You Encounter At The Airport


Spring has arrived. Corporate conferences abound. And work travel is in the air (pun totally intended).

Baseball games have good people watching. Vegas has better. But the airport? That one can’t be beat.

What characters have you seen that need to be added? Continue reading


If You’re Going Through Hell…


You’re probably at the mall.

For I have seen the Gates of Hell. And they bear the sign, “Valley Fair.”

Whoever coined the phrase “If you’re going through hell, keep on going…” was obviously at the mall when inspiration hit. Continue reading


10 People You Meet at a Baseball Game

Baseball Fan

You know you’ve seen them all. Any additions? Continue reading


The ABCs of Raising a 3-Year-Old


When the muppets were born, they were indoctrinated to a cold, cruel, gravity-filled world. Instead of smiling alligators, bumble bees, and caterpillars adorning nursery walls in bold primary colors, their first ABCs were the red beeping alarms of apnea and bradycardia episodes in an intensive care isolette.

Now they’re closing in on age 3. And causing trouble. Yesterday I got pulled into the principal’s office. Because one of my little ones was spending a bit too much time in THE OFFICE. We’ve been observing and discussing next steps. Our new ABCs are antecedents, behavior, consequence.

Whatever. Interested in the actual alphabet involved in the parenting of a toddler? Continue reading


Timeout Needed


I truly believe we should be able to give life a timeout if so deserved. I need one from being an adult.

So if you need me, I will be in my blanket fort, coloring. I promise to willingly retreat to my room for nap when the clock strikes 12. Continue reading

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