Timeout Needed


I truly believe we should be able to give life a timeout if so deserved. I need one from being an adult.

So if you need me, I will be in my blanket fort, coloring. I promise to willingly retreat to my room for nap when the clock strikes 12.

I will trade my alarm clock for the gentle wake up hug.

I will trade waiting in line at Starbucks to be served milk and waffles.

I will trade days sitting in a cube in front of a computer for recesses in the sandbox and on the slide.

I will trade my Outlook email inbox for Saturday morning cartoons.

I will trade Excel spreadsheets on my Macbook for Number Munchers on an Apple IIgs.

I will trade corporate meetings for storytime.

I will trade vending machine snacks for orange slices and juice boxes.

I will trade research projects for arts and crafts. (My skill set on the latter has not improved.)

I will trade style and fashion for mud pies and getting dirty.

I will trade running errands for free time to spin in circles.

I will trade the corporate ladder for epic games of After School Program Handball.

I will trade rush hour for the room to fall asleep to the lull of the drive.

I will trade rushed morning showers for leisurely evening bubble baths.

I will trade mundane responsibilities for the innocence of “when I grow up.”

I will trade reality for the rainbows and unicorns of my imagination.

I will trade wine glasses for sippy cups.

For 32 minutes (apparently the appropriate length of a time out), I will revert to the child who otherwise plays grownup on a daily basis.

But then I’d also have to trade my independence and listen to my mother. Kids these days…

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  1. Gramma J

    What’s wrong with listening to your mother?

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